A gentleman is never afraid to ask a woman what turns her on

No matter how athletic, young, and good-looking, a lot of men have confessed they don’t really know what to do with that panting woman in their arms.  Playing on the ‘you win some, you lose some’ rule, they just play by the ear, leaving their supposed conquests wondering what hit them.  Paul, now in his 30s and a silver-spoon kid confessed that he had beginner’s luck when he first started getting intimate with a woman.

“This gave me a false impression of my abilities,” he said.  “At the university, I hooked up with a woman who virtually went to pieces at my slightest touch – she was that besotted with me.  My ego was inflated, and I thought I was God’s gift to women.  When that affair ended and I hooked up with other women, I was puzzled and disappointed that they didn’t experience the same high as my former lover.  In fact, if they could talk, most of them would have said: ‘Just finish, I wasn’t going…


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