It’s no surprise that people especially students see education as the second choice nowadays, then we begin to wonder even if it’s really necessary to go to school or have a university or academic certificate in the 21st century.

Is it truly necessary to pass through the four walls of a school before formal education is achieved especially in a country like Nigeria?


Education according to Merriam Webster dictionary in the field of study deals mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools.

“Facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally.”

We need to understand this, the western style of education is not the only form of education. If you learn a skill, it’s still part of education but it’s not a formal kind.


Let’s do a little history check, Formal Western-type of education was introduced by British missionaries in the 1840s.

The Anglican Church Missionary Society (CMS) started several schools in the mid-1800s. The colonial government gave the church financial aid, but in the early twentieth century, the government began building primary and secondary schools.

By the time the British combined the northern and southern regions into one colony in 1914, a total of 11 secondary schools were in operation, all but 1 run by missionaries. There were also 91 mission and 59 government elementary schools and blah blah blah.


Now, it’s becoming something of a must in this generation to have formal education. Anyone that doesn’t have education at least up to SSCE level isn’t even rated in this generation.

I was speaking to a very good friend of mine one time and he said something that struck me deeply, “I only came to school for the certificate and not necessarily for the education in it” and I thought to myself, a lot of people in institutions today almost 70% are schooling as plan B, to spend almost half a decade on something just for it to be plan B wow.


As must as why try to ignore this fact, it is becoming a universal acceptable narrative or like I will like to call it “African acceptable narration”.

Why is this feeling trending? Well, I might have a few reasons why this is happening.

The first thing I will love to talk about is, we are moving into an era where everything is going digital and a lot of people learn on YouTube and the rest of the website. People are reluctant to learn in a schooling system because they know that, they can get the knowledge on YouTube. Imagine you running to an 8 am class just for the lecturer should teach and you don’t understand, you ask questions then the lecturer abuses you and tells you to go on YouTube to learn more. Why did I now come to class if I can learn at home or hostel?. Since we can learn online, we need not be interesting in school.

Second thing is, not studying the course of choice. This is already becoming a trend that is affecting the interest of so many people in the country. I wouldn’t like to downgrade any course but my message is clear.

Another thing, the school doesn’t grade effort. These days, school is stressful. I’d use myself as an example. My course requires me to be in the lab, we have lab 10-4.

The lab itself starts at 12, we start working in the lab and those that will carry out the experience are working, some are snapping, some are writing the report. You as a front liner in the experiment, work tirelessly to get results and before you are done, you have only one hour to write your report.

One hour isn’t enough for you to finish your report, you then get lower marks than those that just snap and had more time to write reports. In the following lab, will you be cheered to do anything? No.

There are different experiences we have that make us feel cheated in the schooling system so why do I have to stress when the end goal is, I will get the same marks as those that aren’t active as I am.

Old curriculum, this one right here nobody wants to talk about it. In 2022, we are learning about stuff in the 1890s that isn’t helping the course Why?

The last thing I want to talk about, I read this quote a while ago but I can’t fully remember the exact words “we need school to make money and we need money to survive school”. The schooling system doesn’t pay students (well we have exceptions).

To survive, students look for alternatives, and most times those alternatives evolve to who they become. Imagine someone that has made waves in the fashion world or the baking world and studying chemistry, who has time to mix chemicals when you can make money in cakes, the certificates will just be a reference that I also attended to school.


All these reasons, they’re enough reasons to lose interest and I’m not surprised that these things are happening.

Are there any solutions?



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Comments to: Derailing Interests In Academics
  • 01/03/2022

    Well, I think solutions are personal and depends on individual.

  • 02/03/2022

    Great article. I don’t see a solution in present Nigeria. I’m way past school and school can’t provide me the life I want for myself. The school is designed to frustrate me

  • 02/03/2022

    It can’t be solved collectively; but can be individually, with personal interests and convictions…..


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