Events in Nigeria alarming – Diya warns against war

Former Chief of General Staff, Oladipo Diya, has appealed to Nigerians to avoid actions that may lead to war.

Diya said there has always been one misunderstanding or the other, but recent events are, “alarming”.

“It is taking a dangerous turn. The signs are ominous. Let us pursue peace and eschew violence at all costs, by all means.”

The retired General voiced his concerns in a statement in commemoration of his 77th birthday.

Noting that sociologists warned that the rumours of war always justify armament, Diya said armament itself heightens the possibility of war.

“We must avoid a repeat of mistakes of the past. Peace is all we need.”

Diya advised the political class to play by the rules and observe the thin line that separates politics from governance.

He stressed that security matters should not be toyed with on the altar of politicking.

Diya said hate speech, fake news, and inciting ethnic-religious acts should be completely…


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