You said you like me yeah, bring me food…… you will still send money ooo but food hmmm. The staircase to reach my heart is through food”

We all have that one friend who is always eating that they can eat even in distress. Food is their love language, it’s who they are.

They can eat anything anytime anyplace, they don’t mind the circumstances, and one of their features is that it doesn’t show in their body and some its does but all in all they are a beautiful set of creatures.

The question remains, are they gluttons, foodies, or people who just like food.

To imagine the way Gen-Z has taken the word ‘foodie’ makes me question if the word is even used correctly and what it is for.

A lot of us must have one time been called a foodie or glutton, and we have taken it as insults, is it really an insult?. Let’s take a look at the differences between a glutton and a foodie, to identify which one you are and fit in.


A person with a special interest in or knowledge of food, someone that loves to explore food, and taste new recipes of food.

Try out new restaurants, just love exploring the different cultures of meals and trying to blend in.

A glutton is one who eats voraciously, obsessively, or to excess; Someone that eats a lot is a glutton. This set of people can eat heaven on earth, they are not about exploring food.

They are concerned about how to ruin their ‘summer body’, their stomach should be filled every time, eating anytime biting anything.

Their mouth just doesn’t stop moving.

Being a foodie is definitely a hobby, eating is also a pleasure, and anything that is a pleasure can be a hobby.

People enjoy trying new things, eating gourmet food, and testing out variations on particular dishes with different ingredients.

People have taken this as a profession, going from town to town, place to place all over the world trying different cultures and styles of cooking.

Food lovers rejoice, those adventurous eating habits could make you healthier than picky eaters.

Is being a foodie an insult or a compliment?

“A foodie is a person who is interested in the dynamism of food.”

Diversifying in different foods and recipes just to satisfy their bug of experiencing good food.

The problem with Gen-Z is, that we always try to use sweet English to cover up for a bad thing.

I was watching a conference online where they had one of Nigeria’s most renounced lawyers, Femi Falana speaking.

He said, “if you tell a child that ‘this man is accused of money laundering, the child won’t take it seriously but tell that child that the man stole and see the child’s reaction.”

Both words mean the same thing but the reaction to both differs. If you call someone a foodie, they take it as compliments because they feel safe hearing it but call them a glutton and get ready for World War 3.

Being a glutton doesn’t mean bad, it’s just that you eat a lot and that’s normal. It’s you but doesn’t hide under the umbrella of a foodie, a glutton is a glutton and a foodie is a foodie.

So, it’s not necessarily an insult only in the context in which it’s used.

Note, trying new recipes doesn’t even necessarily make you a foodie, foodies go to new restaurants, shun large chain establishments, and are eager to give their opinions and recommendations.

Foodies know something about the chefs, cooking styles, or methods of these restaurants. They also know about the quality and origin of the food they consume.

  • A foodie can tell you about a restaurant’s use of local ingredients.
  • A foodie can recommend a local restaurant.
  • He/She doesn’t need the waiter to explain how an item is cooked.
  • A foodie can tell you what items are made fresh in-house and which ingredients are stored or shipped in the freezer.

Then we have the set of people who just like food, they are the set of people that loves cooking and making meals for people without being forced.

They don’t really eat much but they derive joy from seeing others eating. They don’t eat oddly hours too, eating at the right time and eating right and appropriately is their goal.

So the question is, are you a GLUTTON, someone that likes food, or a foodie?.

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