“Interviewer: Are you on birth control?

Guest: No, pull and pray 😂”

Is this your story too? Or do you use protection for extra safety?

Statistics show that Pulling out isn’t a very reliable way to prevent pregnancy. It works about 78% of the time, which means that over a year of using this method, 22 out of 100 women, about 1 in 5 would get pregnant.

By comparison, male condoms are 98% effective when used correctly every time.

Gen-Z has created a concept of sex that, it’s a pride to hoe around, carrying around big numbers of body count, talking to both gender and other genders too. Is it pride? No, it’s not at all.

You keep on Cumming every now and then and you don’t know you are going…


It’s been twenty years, twenty long years since I felt a private part (that’s coming out of my mother’s womb), and ever since, I have been faithful, Oppression here and there but man remains focused.

Me now getting the request to write on sex, body count, and related topics were somehow for me because they say ‘experience is the best teacher ’, nobody specified that it has to be my experience anyways.

Well, I have people that are experienced around me so they did most of the job. I don’t have bad friends, they are only experienced.


On a normal day, I’m not supposed to define it for you but the sake of formality and underage among us,

Sex is the sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen.

This definition will definitely be modified because we don’t have two genders again in the world.

Was reading something and realized that boys can also have periods… Psychotherapist and author Jed Diamond, Ph.D. Diamond coined the term Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) in his book of the same name, to describe these hormonal fluctuations and the symptoms they cause, based on a true biological phenomenon observed in rams.

He believes cisgender men experience hormonal cycles like women. That’s why these cycles have been described as “man-struation” or the “male period.”

It’s now quite difficult to define sex that way but that is not today’s point. Our major concern is about hoeing around and sleeping with different people.


The number of people you slept with, that’s body count, not the number of times you had sex.

It’s quite a discrimination to attribute body count only to females, it’s all shade of wrong, everybody should be accountable for their body counts whether male or female or other genders.

As a guy, a huge amount of body count is not pride at all…

You see them saying they have 32 body counts at the age of 25 bruh what happened, you are not even scared of sexually transmitted diseases.

These diseases can be for a lifetime as in they don’t have a cure and to maintain them, you pay huge amounts of money for drugs.

The funny thing is, a lot of them don’t even go for medical checkups at all, just vibes and inshallah.

Well, we have people that use condoms and some that even have mini test aids in their houses, where they test themselves and their sexual partners to prevent STDs.

We still have some infections that can be passed through frictions from condoms, even though most condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV and certain other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), like gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Condoms provide less protection against STDs that can be transmitted through sores or cuts on the skin, like human papillomavirus, genital herpes, and syphilis.

Have some dignity man, some of you can be easily lured because you are so cheap to ladies that even an imbecile can call you and you are already ‘down’ for it. Repent!

As a lady, why should your body count also be high when it’s not that it’s your profession? madam don’t be a community that, has some dignity.

“No be me go tell you watin to do” but one shawarma, you don off ‘pyant’, continue ooo miss, small lines you are changing bed like the way a chameleon changes color.

Try to have some dignity for yourself. A word is enough for the wise (continuation of the proverb is, “Na idiots dey get coconut head”).


According to the statistics stated above, pull-out isn’t as effective as people would think because one out of every 5 pull-out equals pregnancy.

But as a guy, you are always praising yourself that your pull out game is top-notch and all but what if you are actually not pulling out anything.

What if your “John Thomas” is not releasing anything? If your pull-out game is that strong, I’d advise you to go to the hospital for medical check-ups.

Ladies, you use abortion pills more than paracetamol, well done ma. You are an ambassador of postinor, mifepristone, misoprostol, etc.

These drugs have side effects that are not common but they are dangerous and can cause long-term damage to the body, misoprostol can cause birth defects, premature birth, uterine rupture, miscarriage, or incomplete miscarriage, and dangerous uterine bleeding.

I was speaking to someone and while we were discussing, she said something that if a guy cums inside you though it’s not accurate, you can drink salt and water immediately he cums inside like immediately and urinate straight, you’d see the sperm in the urine.

Though this is not 100 percent accurate and it’s not been properly tested yet. Use protection always if you are not ready and if you are ready, stick to one person and maintain yourself.

It’s better to marry early and avoid unnecessary infections and diseases than to marry late with diseases, curses, and damaged life.

There is no pride in cheating, it’s just stress, spending, and sex nothing more. Stick to one person and be happy faster.


Kindly note that I’m a virgin so don’t think I’m an expert in this field… I am not anywhere near expertise at all.

All thanks to the friends I have and also the internet.

If you want more clarity, let me know in the comment section.

Your favorite virgin boy, over and out.




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