What is Copywriting? Discover Powerful Copywriting Secrets to Sell Quick with Words

Copywriting is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategy. It is the art and science of persuading readers to carry out a desirable action.

Enough of writing boring sales copy wasting ad promotion money and still not generate the results you want.

Go to any job listing website and you notice there are lots of copywriting jobs in Nigeria available but few copywriters. Therefore, copywriters are some of the highest-paid digital marketers in the world.

Those with copywriting skills are few and as such high in demand.

It requires your investment in time and energy to craft a single copy. This is unlike content writing where you can publish articles every day.

The good thing is there are copywriting courses for beginners and experts available that teaches all you need to know to equip you for a fulfilling career.

It gives meaning to your website design and optimises your content writing. This helps in turning more potential customers into paying customers.

If you can put words together to make customers see how your products can help them, you are a genius.

In this article, I have put together the most important copywriting examples available to help boost your success with ecommerce business.

In the end, you will write all your products’ description with speed and accuracy. Is that not what you want?

Let’s begin

Meaning: What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing persuasive sales copy that inspires people to take an action. This action can be to buy a product, signing up a form or schedule or click on a link.

The words (text) in the material is called copy while putting words down is known as writing. Hence, the name copywriting.

A copywriter is a person responsible for writing the copy used in marketing and promotional materials.

They are trained professionals who have learned their craft and master the art of using words to sell.

Copywriting comes in either of these two formats. The first in written words used as a sales copy and the second in spoken words used as scripts in video promotions.

It is possible you are yet to realise it, but copywriting is everywhere.

It is in the emails you opened, the flyers you collected, the ads you clicked, the free reports you signed up for and more.

Copywriting most times ends with these words on buttons:

  • Read More
  • Follow Us
  • Get Started
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Buy Now

As a business owner, you need copywriting for your products. A minor change of words in your products’ copywriting description can make all the difference in your sales.

Don’t hold it back. Don’t fight it. You need copywriting.

It is at the core of your business. There is no way you will share your message with potential customers or keep the existing ones engaged without copywriting.

Other industries that need copywriting includes all

  • Financial institution
  • Health companies and institutions.
  • Agricultural manufacturers
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Service providers
  • Shopping and Retail Businesses
  • Creative Professionals
  • No matter your field, there is always a need for copywriters.

Why is Copywriting Not Working for You?

If you are writing great products description, people love to read about, but they are not buying, the problem is most likely ineffective copywriting.

One or more of these is responsible.

  • Your products title is boring that they don’t give people reasons to click to read the products’ description.
  • You are showing how smart you are with your products’ description communicating no actual benefits.
  • Your products’ description is neither connected with buyers nor building trust with them.
  • Your products have no social proof in terms of reviews or testimonials.
  • There is no clear and specific call to action within and at the end of the products’ description. You are not telling buyers what to do.

Copywriting is incomplete without a call to action. If you are not telling buyers to buy, then you are not doing copywriting.

The effective use of copywriting will get visitors to go beyond products title and description and buy your products.

What are some Copywriting Secrets?

1 Write with your Customers at Heart

We, business owners, are guilty of writing whatever we feel is best from our own end. How about our customers?

What you think your customers need may not even be what they want.

If you place too much attention on the sale, you will fall victim to going straight into asking them to buy.

Would you prefer a doctor that hands over drugs prescription to you without listening to what could be wrong with you?

Check out these copywriting examples

“Get this product and see your health improve before noon.”

That’s too direct a copy asking to buy without an understanding of the problem.

How about getting to know this about your customer:

He loves jogging but wishes he could go further.

She spends lots of time in the gym yet can’t get the health I want.

The potential customer has the following problems:

Spending lots of time at the gym yet still unhealthy

Motivated to jog but can’t go far.

Knowing what your customers want before writing is very helpful in copywriting a perfect sales copy.

This is your first assignment in any copywriting projects.

2 Understand Your Product

The second step in any copywriting job or project is to have a complete understanding of the products you want to sell.

There is a story of one of the famous master copywriters, David Ogilvy, who took three weeks to come up with the title of a Rolls-Royce.

The headline read, ”At 60 miles per hour the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

If it took Mr David, the father of advertising, as much as three weeks to unveil an important selling quality of the products, then it’s worth knowing your products.

You need to take your time to learn which features stand out from the competitors. What benefits will make your products unique and appealing to your targeted customers?

The good news is as an ecommerce business owner you already know your products in and out.

You have a complete understands of its feature, how it works and the benefits they provide to your customers.

I want you to write about what you know about your products. Write the list of its features and benefits and save it all in one place for later reuse.

I prefer writing features as bullet points for easy digestion. You can do your own little research to add to your knowledge.

How Do I Start Copywriting?

1 Write a Killer Product Headline

A products title can determine how many sales you will have. Read that again.

No matter what you sell, the title of your product convinces buyers to click and read more about the description.

So how do you write an attention-grabbing product’s title?

  • Be Unique: The worst thing to happen to you is to copy another product’s title and use it as yours. This is common in online marketplaces.

Your customers will know. Also, it is a stain on your brand image.

Sit down and craft out something unique with words as your headline.

  • Be Specific: In one sentence, your customers should know what you are selling right from the product’s title.

Avoid generic statements. Describe in specific what they would get.

  • Act on Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Let them know they will lose it forever if they don’t get it now. Also, telling them only stock left works.

Whatever you do, make sure your headline is appealing enough that people want to click.

2 Create Your Product Description

Now that you have the list of your products’ features and benefits, the next step is to write your products description.

In copywriting your products description, you need to know how you would describe your products.

The products description doesn’t need to be lengthy and fancy. You only need two to three sentence that sounds as if you are describing the products to a real-life customer.

Then, write what makes your products unique from your competitors. What makes your products different from your competitors?

Was it made from materials different from your competitors? Is it easy to wear? Is the delivery the same day?

Whatever it is you know, write them down. Your uniqueness cannot be too much. Flaunt them.

3 Amplify the Benefits

Most ecommerce businesses stop at describing the products and won’t go the extra miles to explain the benefits it provides.

It’s not enough to tell what makes your products unique. You also have to let customers know the benefits it offers.

Customers want to know how your products will help them feel better or look better. They want to know how it will make life easy.

Customers buy for these three reasons: Profit, Pleasure and Pain. So, your products should explain how either helps to make more profit, increase pleasure or reduce pain.

Focusing your copywriting on the pain works best than on the pleasure. That’s because the pain of loss is greater than the pleasure of gain.

Extend your copywriting to show more benefits and not just describing it.

4 Include a Strong Call-to-Action

At this stage, your potential customer already understands what your products is, the features it has and the benefits it provides.

Your final copywriting work is to tell them what to do.

This is the time to help them buy by clicking on the BUY NOW button.

Include a strong call to action button at the end where buyers can make payment.

Just so you know, there is no point complicating your CTA button. It is far way better to Keep It Simple and Short (KISS).

Note the button text, colour and padding.

Sometimes, to enhance effectiveness, I encourage A/B testing on CTA buttons for clients. This takes away guesswork.

Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of free content to attract, educate, and inform readers of a subject. This content converts visitors into customers and customers into repeated buying customers.

Content marketing includes blogs, podcasts, and email autoresponders.

Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive copy to inspire readers to take an action. The action can be to subscribe to your email list or buy your products.

Copywriting includes sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

What is the difference between copywriting and copyright?

Copywriting and copyright are two different things with no similarity of any such.

Copyright refers to the exclusive legal permission to reproduce or sell someone’s work or use a brand’s name.

The purpose of copyright is to prevent the abuse and illegal use of original material.

Copywriting Conclusion

If you are used to writing general emails, ads and sales letter, expect to struggle to make sales for the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

But if you implement copywriting to tell an interesting story convincing customers of the need to buy your products, the sky is your beginning in ecommerce.

How do you use copywriting to win customers’ heart and make them buy your products?

Should you spend your entire day copywriting products description?

Will reading countless copywriting pdf make you a pro in copywriting?

Should you buy copywriting courses?

I provide a better way to write better sales copy. This method may not make you a pro but will get you starting.

Unless you focused your entire ecommerce business on copywriting, you don’t need to spend years learning copywriting.

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