How 5 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies Produces Massive Results

In this article, I explain how a solid real estate digital marketing plan and strategy can bring you huge results in the industry.

As someone helping owners win at business, one of my vehicle for meeting targets has been the use of effective digital marketing strategy. With my results, you wouldn’t be wrong to call me a digital marketing guru.

For you, you eat and breathe real estate and that’s why I consider you successful. You have been in the real estate industry for years with lots of property and investments opportunities under your watch.

Here is the thin line…

Even with all of your experience in the real estate industry, you are not an expert in digital marketing.

You may have little knowledge or knowledge about some digital marketing terms. Yet, you still can’t be like me the same way I can’t be like you.

You can’t view real estate online marketing plan with an eagle’s eye. And neither will you execute quick and accurate as digital marketing experts will do.

That’s why I am here, to show you the exact way you can use to get more new clients that will buy your listing and investments.

First, you need a digital marketing plan and then a strategy to implement those plans.

Introduction to Real Estate

Real estate is an information-driven industry with high-value transactions and many middlemen like agents and firms

These middlemen connect buyers and sellers without buying or selling themselves.

Real estate marketing has changed to digital long time ago, even though many agents and companies are still sleeping.

In the past, it was easy to see buyers begging to buy properties and investments. But that’s not the story today.

To excel and become successful in real estate business industry, you need a working digital marketing plan and strategy.

I used the word, “working” because most real estate digital marketing plans and strategies are not working. If they are, you won’t be reading this.

If you are into the real estate business, you know that the current housing and property market is competitive.

Being competitive means a lot of real estate agents and companies are coming into the markets fighting to get the little available homebuyers.

Even though the real estate market is tough, the good news is there is still a way out. A way to not just survive but thrive in the industry.

And therefore you as a realtor need an effective real estate digital marketing strategy.

Present Real Estate Challenges and Marketing Conditions in Nigeria

Real estate firms are working hard to boost their visibility and generate more quality leads.

In order to achieve this goal, they need proven digital marketing strategies with conversion results as the focus.

Real estate firms in Nigeria spend millions of naira annually on publicity. Yet they are not getting the results they want.

In the 1990s, the home buyers were over 50 years of age. But today, it’s not so. With the availability of loans and grants, most buyers now fall between the age of 30 to 47 years with a few in their twenties.

But how do you define such a real estate client with a traditional way of marketing?

Real estate companies are cutting cost of advertisements on tradition marketing like newspaper, banners and flyers.

A newspaper advert cost over a N250,000 which is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Yet, convert less than a N100,000 Google advert.

There is a massive shift towards digital marketing strategies in the real estate industry.

The greatest challenge of the real estate companies in that it’s a high competitive and demanding industry.

Recently, I had to turn down some full-time digital marketing executive job offers from real estate firms so I could have time to help others.

Nigerians have issues with trust, so lead generation is not enough. Real estate brand building need be an integral part of the digital marketing strategy.

For example, updating your projects to showcase that timelines are being met can be a great way to build trust with existing customers.

In order to increase visibility and win more clients, more real estate agents now focus on social media, search engine and website building.

Study shows that their online research influences more than half of real estate investors. So, you can’t ignore a solid real estate digital marketing strategy if you want to be successful in the industry.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing is of exceptional value to real estate agents and companies. It became very necessary to have yours to reach your sales target and increase revenue.

You need an online marketing plan you can execute every single week. This plan can save you serious financial troubles you never will foresee.

There is a common norm common with real estate agents.

  • They go out to market to prospective clients.
  • They return to give the client a phone call as a reminder.
  • They schedule a meeting place and time, yet the client was 3 hours late. (No offence, they need his money).
  • If the client is in a good mood, he continues with the deal. But if his wife got him angry before leaving the house, you know the results.

Now is the time you have to stop the norm. It has not been working.

As one in the real estate business, if you want to attract and not pursue, digital marketing is your best bet.

With it, you can:

  • Build business reputation,
  • Attract top leads and book appointment
  • Close Sales with clients.

This plan will include how you can move from an almost discourages realtor to becoming a thought leader and trusted agents to home buyers and investors.

A complete digital marketing plan will contain the short term and long-term strategy.

But what should your plan contain? How do you write out this plan?

Below are real estate digital marketing Strategies you can start with.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Know Your Audience

Everything begins with your audience. It is the first step to execute successful real estate digital marketing strategy.

Who do you sell to? Who has been buying from you?

You must know your audience or buyer personal (as we call it in ecommerce) before you begin any marketing, whether online or offline.

Few days ago, I received a call from my old time university friend. He learnt I do digital marketing (with my specialty in ecommerce). I told him, “Yes”.

He complained of how leads they generated from one of the popular social platforms in Nigeria are not converting.

He continued, “It is not as if we are not getting leads, we do. But they are not buying. Most times, by the time we call this leads, we realized they do not know of real estate. AY, how can you help?”

After much discussion and questions, I realized they (his companies) have little to no knowledge about their audience.

They are trying hard to sell to everyone. No wonder they are failing.

So a random person who sees their ads just fill in his email and phone number.

Is that what you do in your company?

Are your buyers’ low income and top income earners? Are they business owners or employees?

Do they have knowledge of real estate? When was the last time they purchase a real estate property or investments?

Some clients will buy now, some in the next 6-10 months and other in years.

How do you differentiate them?

2. Real Estate Content Marketing

When I mentioned earlier, know your audience, you thought I was joking. There is no other reason for this but for relevancy.

Knowing your buyers helps you segment them and provide relevant contents. It helps you know how to work and what to expect from your content writer.

Let me give you three reasons you need to include content marketing as part of your real estate digital marketing plan.

  • You Get More Unique Leads

The content marketing institute perform research that shows that content marketing generate three times more leads than traditional marketing.

Real estate businesses with blogs on their website experience over 120% lead growth than those without.

  • You Position as Experts

It’s hard to sell me if I know nothing about you. I can invest with you if I can’t prove you have the skill.

What content does is this, it educates your reader and takes away every doubt they may have about your integrity?

Someone who is interested in real estate investments but has no information about will head over to google.

If you do proper search engine optimization and he finds your blog, good for you.

Because the more he reads about your content, the more he sees you as a trusted authority in the real estate industry.

  • You Convert Better

Because you have been able to position as an expert in the real estate business through your content, you wouldn’t do much talking before clients buy from you.

If you forget anything, don’t forget this:

Relevant contents bring about great trust. – Oluboba Ayodeji

Of course, one content is not enough to earn the level of trust that will make a client believe you so easily. You multiple related ones.

Content marketing places you in a position where you don’t chase but attract serious clients ready to buy.

Study also shows that real estate companies that use content marketing have six times higher conversion rates than those that don’t.

And when you create contents, don’t create for buyers alone, also those that sells. Your marketing should not go only after buyers, but also sellers.

Invest in content writing; it’s a must have in real estate digital marketing strategy.

3. Real Estate Social Media Marketing

What social media platforms are best for real estate business? It’s a question I hear every week from realtors who wants to steal from my knowledge of real estate digital marketing.

Actually, post everywhere. I mean on all the social media platforms. This is what we call Omnichannel marketing.

But that would be too much for you to manage. So, I encourage you stick with this four – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Reasons below.

Facebook because of its extensive database. No other platform has more details about your prospect than Facebook. So use it for interest and demographics data filtering.

Twitter because of its hashtags. No social media platforms can make you go viral in hours like twitter. All thanks to hashtags. With Twitter, you can get your real estate deals to the screen of the richest man in Nigeria.

LinkedIn because of its networks of professionals. No other social media platforms can get you more companies’ top executive than LinkedIn.

If you will sit and tell yourself the truth, you will realize your most likely buyers or investors are top employees in various companies who have the money but no time to do business.

Such is good to sell real estate investment opportunities.

Also, the recent graduate open to hire on the platform, you can employ as your sales executive and place them on a commission based salary.

Instagram because of its visuals. No other platforms have more people watching videos than Instagram. Since part of your real estate digital marketing strategy is creating videos, use Instagram and its hashtags.

How often should you post on social media?

Momentum matters in social media marketing. A perfect real estate digital marketing plan will include content categories for each week in a month.

Something like:

  • Monday: Industry News and Showcase Listings
  • Tuesday: Real Estate Tips and Guides
  • Wednesday: Share Blog Content

And more…

Consistency matters and no weeks off. Instead, double down on your social media content posting speed and relevancy.

4. Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

Here is a deep truth:

Most people who invest in real estate business chooses email as their preferred mode of communication.

Unlike calls, with emails they are not on pressure to take immediate action on your deals. But when they do, they often fulfill it.

Have a place for email marketing in your real estate digital marketing plans and strategy.

With email, you can remind your existing clients of new offers and opportunities they are missing.

What do you communicate via email?

Your emails should include a drip of your weekly blog content, investments and listing promotions.

The listing promotion cycle campaigns you can include in your email marketing include:

  • Coming Soon Campaign

The coming soon email is best before you list the property for sale to the public. They will feel special being the first to know what others don’t know.

Don’t be surprise, you might even sell the property before listing.

  • Just Listed Campaign

If you can’t find buyer in the coming soon campaign. Opt for the just listed campaign. This email campaign should follow immediately you list the property to the public.

Watch them ask for a price. If there is a discount, use this email to inform them.

  • Just Sold Campaign

The last of the campaign in the promotional cycle is the Just Sold Campaign. This is where you show how you sold the property, and a testimonial from the sellers about their satisfaction working with you.

Let your results (transaction images and videos) speak louder than your voice words (texts) here. They will come to expect your next listing.

5. Do Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization SEO plays an important role in digital marketing for real estate agents and companies.

By optimizing your contents with your prospect search, you can rank high on the first page of Google.

More than ever in history, more prospects are searching on Google to locate the best real estate company.

The number of real estate searches is three times greater than previous results. And the reasons are not far-fetched.

  • Easy access to trends and information.
  • Ability to compare among many real estate option deals.
  • Quick contact with agents and companies.
  • Analysis of reviews and comment from previous buyers.

Over 60 percent of these searches, happen on mobile phone and increasing every year.

If your brand ranks high among competitors, you will have an upper hand of making quick sales.

So you know; it’s not enough to create good content, you need to implement certain real estate SEO to come top of other searches.

And if we work together, I can help build and optimize your entire website for real estate SEO and mobile to generate more organic traffic than you expected.


Real estate is information based business affected by recent technologies.

The growth of the internet has placed a lot of pressure on the real estate business industry and challenges the status quo.

What used to work no longer works.

You need a concrete real estate digital marketing plan and strategy to live above your competitors and succeed in this industry.



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