What is Web Hosting and How Do You Choose the Best Providers?

What is web hosting? How many types of website hosting are there?

Choosing the best website hosting services has a massive impact on your eCommerce business.

It can improve your SEO (reaching more customers) and increase sales.

A good web hosting provider promises high returns for your investment.

  • They can guarantee your eCommerce website will be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They can support your business rights and protect your online security and privacy.
  • They have real people who are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

So, it’s never a waste to invest in the best eCommerce website hosting services.

In this article, you will learn:

What is Web Hosting?

Website hosting is a service that allows your website to be accessible on the web. It’s you renting a space on the internet.

People in charge of this service are web hosting companies or web hosting providers. They provide the tools and resources you need to store your website files and data on the web.

An eCommerce hosting company stores your website data and products images on special computers called servers. These computers must be on 24/7 to keep your website online.

People can then locate your website using your domain name.

Types of Web Hosting Services?

Image Source: Hosting Advice

Before you typed on Google, “best website hosting“, it’s good you know the type of web hosting available.

So you know which hosting provider is compatible with your eCommerce website.

A simple blogger may not spend much on web hosting services since the resources needed are little. But an eCommerce website owner should be ready to spend more.

Every web hosting company will give you different hosting type.

These types include Shared, Dedicated, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and more.

Let’s get to know them better.

  • Shared Server:

You share resources with other websites on this server. These resources are RAM, Storage Space, Capacity, and Processor.

Shared servers are cheap and easy to manage.

  • Virtual Private Server  (VPS):

VPS is the cloud-based version of a shared server and also a mini dedicated server. They configure the servers to run independent of other website.

You will get a better performance with VPS than shared.

  • Dedicated Server:

These are high performance servers using complete resources to power your eCommerce website.

Here you have total control on the configuration, speed and even operating systems.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Services

There are very important features you must consider when choosing any website hosting company. I called them the 5s of an excellent host.

Other features like free domain name, free ads credit are also good but not as important as the 5s.

They are:

  • Security
  • Support
  • Storage
  • Speed and
  • Scalability

In details,

Web Hosting Services with Strong Security


To a large extent, your website security depends on your admin activities. So, I encourage the use of strong passwords, 2FA and login security tools.

Yet, you can’t underestimate the vulnerability of a poor host. No matter how beautiful a house is; if the foundation is bad, it will end collapsing.

The beautiful house is your ecommerce website. The ground (foundation) is your hosting.

Hackers are everywhere and they can pull down your efforts in seconds if you miss it with a terrible host.

Features like SSL, Firewalls and Daily backups are not an option but a must.

SSL certificate will encrypt your website, preventing hackers from stealing customers’ card details.

Firewall will scan and fight against attacks before they reach your website.

Daily backups will be your savior should anything go wrong with your website.

Choosing a host that can handle server-side threats and keep your data safe is a must. (Read that again)

Web Hosting Services with Solid Support System

If your eCommerce website is down at 12am, will this website hosting company be available to help?

You need to answer the question before you commit with any host. 24/7 support is vital.

Most times, it’s hard to know how supportive a web hosting services will perform until you sign up.

Do your research reading reviews from trusted sources or ask for recommendations?

Stay away from hosts requesting you create a support ticket always and hope they get back to you.

What you need is priority support in actual time. A support team that can make quick fixes.

In the words of Sean Garrity of HostingAdvice

“In the eyes of the customer, a solid support system is probably the biggest differentiator. No one wants to send support tickets out into the ether and hope that someone gets back to them someday. The best hosts offer personalized customer support through live representatives via phone or chat, and many complement that with a knowledgebase that allows for self-service for less technical issues.”

Web Hosting Services with Large Storage:

How much storage space do you need for your eCommerce website?

Host companies offer different storage sizes depending on the packages.

I avoid two kinds of storage offer. Those below 10 GB offer and the Unlimited offer.

You should not settle for eCommerce web hosting with less than 10gb space.

Ecommerce website needs quality products images. And these images take a lot of space. (Sometimes up to 3 Mb per images)

As for the unlimited space offer, don’t be entice. You will have unlimited storage space but limited by the number of files (inodes).

It’s like putting you in a room filled with treasures telling everything is yours.

Then later you realize that though all the treasures are yours, but you can only leave the room with two.

Ask your web hosting provider, “What is the number of inodes (number of files) on your plans?”

If it’s less than three hundred thousand (300,000), stay away.

Web Hosting Services with Good Speed:

A slow eCommerce website will send customers away and make you lose lots of money.

No one enjoys waiting, so a fast website is key to your business success.

The speed of your website depends 50% on your website hosting type.

A dedicated server is faster than a virtual private server. And virtual serve than a shared server.

Capacity (Bandwidth) also called data transfer matters. It’s determines the number of visitors you can receive a month on your website.

The higher the capacity, the better. Most hosting company offers unlimited capacity.

Your host uptime matters as well. Uptime is the time your website is live on the web.

If you can get a host with 100% uptime guarantee–good. I don’t recommed anything lower than 99%.

Web Hosting Services with Future Scalability:

Soon you will have 100 customers visiting your site per day. When you have a thousand visits per day, can your host accommodate them?

This is your business – you must think long term. Can I grow with this web hosting provider? Ask yourself!

Changing website hosting later on business is possible, but not funny? high Chance of losing your files to errors.

Choose an eCommerce web hosting capable of scaling once the need arises.

Upgrading your server should not need more than reaching out to the support.


You have decided on the hosting server you need–Shared, Virtual and Dedicated.

You have checked the 5s of a good host–Security, Storage, Speed, Support and Scalability.

Register with the web host.


I received a lot of emails about my recommendation on the best eCommerce website hosting.

I use NameCheap. And so, I recommend what I use. You will enjoy hosting with them.

Go to NameCheap and register today. Let me know when you have registered.

With this guide, choosing the best eCommerce website hosting company should be easy.

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