Website Optimization: Learn How To Convert Better and Increase Sales With Your Website

Website optimization is about tweaking your sales funnel so you can squeeze more people to get to the end.

It’s a method of creating an exceptional user experience for visitors on an ecommerce website.

The goal of using website optimization techniques is to covert more than enough visitors into customers.

A website visitor does not contribute to your website growth until he becomes a customer or at the least a lead.

Since 2013, I have offered more website optimization services than I remember (with a high percentage going to ecommerce website).

My passion and expertise in ecommerce have made me meet with great clients whom I have helped start and grow their ecommerce businesses.

With this experience, I know that ecommerce website is beyond looking beautiful. It needs to fulfill one purpose – Convert.

I will show you my website optimization tools and tips for executing successful strategies with massive results.

By doing this, you will able to learn in your own way, develop your own method and apply it to your ecommerce business.

The big question here is, are you ready to drop all you think you know and learn?

Are you ready to do what it takes to increase your ecommerce website sales in a quick time?

Here is your chance of moving your business from where it is to where you want it to be.

I provide you with a proven method to carry out ecommerce website optimization test and increase conversion.

Also, I will guide you in how to know which of your marketing strategy is best to use in certain situations.

Website Optimization Meaning

Ecommerce website optimization can be frustrating and confusing. And you either do them now or you will soon be out of business.

Shopping cart abandonment is on the high side and expected to continue rising.

It is when a visitor saw what he likes on your website, added it to cart (basket), but left your site without buying.

We are used to optimizing some certain area of the website most especially the homepage. We neglect others like the product page, checkout page and more.

When you fail to optimize users’ checkout experience, you lose more money than you can imagine.

You spend a lot of money on website optimization companies to get a good looking ecommerce website.

You have paid an SEO expert to rank you on Google but you still struggle to rank in the first page let alone the position. What!

You thought to yourself, “A digital marketer will do the magic”. You hired one and till today you are yet to see the result you paid for.

You became worried not because of the money you have paid but the customers you are losing. You understand you need to act fast.

“What could be the problem?”, you asked. But no one is there to give you an answer.

Don’t worry, I understands how you feel. I have been there before.

There was a time I was working on a company’s classified listing marketplace. Two weeks after the launch, I made my analysis and realized the ecommerce website had been a failure.

By failure, I mean it was not fulfilling its goal – register and post your ad.

The website analytics shows visitors are coming in hundreds. Definitely, it’s not a problem of traffic.

Mobile, tablet and computer view shows the website looks good on all devices. So, it’s not a problem of responsiveness.

“What then could be the problem?” I pondered.

With my website optimization service, I got to know it was lacking. Some overlooked elements were responsible for this problem.

I made the changes and ever since, it’s been success as far as user converting is concerned.

You will learn my proven strategies to website optimization and make more sales in a quick time.

Website Optimization Definition

An ecommerce website is your online business home where people come to buy your products or services.

Optimization is the process of making things more effective than it was.

By combining the defintions, we have;

Website optimization is improving on your website to best achieve your goals. It is about doing things better than they originally were.

I want you to hear from fellow industry experts on the view about website optimization.

Rand Fishkin, founder of said,

Optimization is just making something better and aiming at the best that it can possibly be and that the wonderful thing about optimization is there’s no finish line. You’ll never accomplish it. You can always get better, and it’s the striving in the process in the journey that makes it exciting and worthwhile.

Rand Fishkin said you will never accomplish it (optimization). Which means website optimization is a journey and not a destination.

What works for the visitors of today may not work to those of tomorrow. You will always see something to make better.

He ended saying it is the process that makes it exciting. You should enjoy the process as much as you want the products.

Theresa Baiocco, of ConversionMax has this to say about website optimization:

A lot of people get confused about the word “optimization” and think that they only need to optimize their sites for search engines. Really, you should be optimizing for revenue and profit. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to your website if you can’t convert it.

You probably know about A/B testing or Split testing. Many others like you also have heard about it.

We most time think website optimization is all about A/B testing.

While A/B testing may be part of the optimization process, it’s not the whole.

A/B is testing to know what is better between two options. Website optimization is having a proven strategy to help implement what you know continually.

Brian Massey, founder of Conversion Sciences says,

“Optimization is understanding your visitors.”

Claiming you know what your customers want when your fact is based on guesswork will not help.

The right knowledge of website optimization can eliminate guesses and gives actual insights of what to work on.

Website Optimization Techniques

1 Think Like Your Customer

To achieve anything worthwhile in life, it starts with a mindset. You need the right kind of mindset to succeed in ecommerce businesses.

But this time around, it’s not your mindset alone – your customers own included.

You need think ways of how your customers can begin to spend more time and money with you.

So, instead of buying more traffic, we focus on doing website optimization services.

It’s surprising to know I didn’t take any single class on web design, sales and marketing. What I know today is through personal teachings, and trials and errors.

It was not my wish not to be under a teacher or mentor but I didn’t have the money for courses let alone one on one teaching.

And at the time I started, it was a lot easy to get people to buy on an ecommerce website.

Today the game has changed. What brings in sales then no longer works? Customers don’t anymore the way they used to.

Who are your customers? Does your category of customers exhibit the abundance or scarcity mindset?

You have the duty to know your customers and understand their way of thinking.

It is when you think like your customer that you can create a proven system. This system will help you execute focused strategies rather than acting on assumptions.

We need to understand how people interact with our site and how they feel about our business.

It’s with good knowledge of your customers you can tell stories that resonates with their needs.

Else, all there is left are just guesswork.

I want you to take a pen and a book and answer the following questions.

  • Why should a customer buy from you?
  • How do your products/services makes a customer feel?
  • What could make a customer buy from your competitor and not you?

2 Build a Landing Page

A big part of website optimization techniques is building a landing page that help achieve your goal. For ecommerce, your goal most likely will be to make sale.

From analytics, we can get to know the people coming to our website, how they arrived and where they are going to.

An individual types a search term on Google. Google displays relevant websites with ads on top.

The customer click on a paid advert and it leads them to your landing page. This landing page could be your category page, your product page or even a custom page.

But it must never be your homepage. I don’t encourage that. The reason is that a homepage has many goals while the landing page one goal.

When a visitor lands on the products page of an ecommerce website, the chance of clicking on an item is high.

And if it’s they lands on the product page, the chance of clicking the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button is higher.

The main goal of a landing page is to be an answer to the problems of the person searching and convert them.

It’s not enough to make visitors perceive you as the solution to their problem. You must optimize your landing page to convert more visitors. This conversion could be a lead, sale, or just a click.

You can answer these questions:

  • Do you have a landing page?
  • What are errors you noticed after the design of your landing page? Be sincere.
  • How do you plan to optimize this page for better results?

3 Persuade Thy Customers

The art of persuasion in business is aligning with a customer challenge so you can provide solution.

You must optimize your sales process to fit in with buyers’ decision process.

The problem is not you selling. Anybody can sell. The unasked question is, “Will the people buy?”

Until you shift your idealogy and actions from selling faster to helping customers buy better, you will remain where you are.

Become concerned about how you can help your buyers achieve their goals. And they will help achieve your goals – more sales.

You can make use of persuasion in website optimization in these simple steps.

  • Create your business value to solves the most important needs of your visitors.
  • Develop a system to captures buyers’ persona as they go through your sales process.
  • Use persuasive words and meaningful graphics that resonate with buyers.
  • Watch your web analytics to optimize and make changes where the need arises.

Questions you need to answer to best do website optimization.

  • Are your contents persuasive enough to make visitors buy?
  • How does persuasion impact your ecommerce website?
  • What are characteristics that match your ideal customers?

Website Optimization Tips

  • Breakdown your sales process into smaller bit for better understanding.
  • Write down your goals for your website both in quantity and quality.
  • Gather as much customers as you can before you start with website optimization.
  • Help customers shop faster when you reduce your bounce rates.
  • Do not place external links (another website link) above the scree fold (Upper part of the screen).
  • Your visitors don’t know what to do next, you tell them to click the button.
  • Include a call-to-action CTA button on your products or services.
  • Promote more of the 20% products that give 80% of your revenue.
  • Reach out to customers asking what they would like to see in your business.
  • Explain in details how your products or services stand to benefit buyers.
  • In your writings, avoid technical words and use those your customer will understand without explanation.
  • Use email and retargeting marketing to reach out to customers often. This will keep your brand name active in their mind.

Website Optimization Tools

1 OmniSend

Omnisend is an all-in-one ecommerce marketing tool that helps you drive sales impact with email & SMS marketing.

It takes away the busywork of reaching, engaging, and converting your online store customers using simple automation available on popular channels.

Omnisend boasts of helping ecommerce businesses website optmization by sending personalized messages to the right person at the right time.

2 CrowdFire

Crowdfire simplifies your social media management so you can have time for other things.

It helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place.

With CrowdFire, you can curate articles from across the web from thousands of sources.

3 SemRush

Semrush is one platform with everything you need to dominate your business market.

It allows you do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform.

Semrush analyzes your data and gives you recommendations on that can help you improve your online visibility in days.

4 Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a dropship Automation Software and Integrated Supplier Network

They automatically upload your products, sync inventory & route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, the marketplace, or ecommerce platform.

Inventory Source has a wide network of pre-built dropship supplier integrations, including many exclusive brands and high-quality products.

Your customers are the bosses in your business. You started because of them and still in business because of them.

For this reason, you need website optimization techniques and tools to best understand what your customers want.

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