How bandits terrorised Kagara for years before students abduction

Ahmad Abubakar narrowly escaped being killed on his farm in Madaka, near Kagara, in 2020. The retired secondary school teacher resides in Kagara, the headquarters of Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State, where 42 persons, including 27 schoolboys, were abducted from Government Science College on February 17.

The year before Mr Abubakar’s encounter with bandits, they had killed his younger brother along the Kaduna-Kagara road.

“They rode on bikes and I was just on my farm. I hid somewhere and saw the bandits pass close to where I was hiding. I was shaking,” the septuagenarian told our reporter.
The bandits stole his farm produce and rode away.

Mr Abubakar said his younger brother was kidnapped in a neighbouring village to Kagara the previous year. The bandits demanded a ransom of N5 million but later reduced it to N500,000 when they realized the family had no such money. Still, the family could not raise the reduced ransom on time.

“Where would I get the money? They kept calling me,” Mr Abubakar recalled.

A few days later, another victim who had secured his own release told Mr Abubakar that the bandits had killed his brother.
“He said they chained his legs to a tree and shot him,” Mr Abubakar said.

Kagara and its adjoining villages have been under the siege of bandits for more than two years. However, it was the kidnapping of the schoolboys that brought the ordeals and sorrow of the community to national…

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