To succeed in exams and even in life as a whole, one must be ready to overcome some huddles and barriers that deter him from achieving such success.

A very common barrier to success is fear, it can rip you off your capacity and capabilities.

It is a very powerful tool that the devil uses to cripple great dreams. Fear is very dangerous and the good book warns us not to indulge.

My name is Jabi
I had studied very hard for my JAMB exams that year. I divorced my favorite TV series and all social media fun, not with much ease but I had to.

I deprived myself alot of pleasures. I wanted to write my exams myself, I didn’t want to cheat nor pay any penny to be helped to pass.

I burnt the midnight candles. With time, I was becoming conversant with the past questions and could solve most questions in my textbooks without an aid from any tutor. I did some cramming too.

Everyone could see the attitude; I was bent on succeeding. Especially in my admission into the university this time around.
The Exam date drew so fast and tension started building in. I had never had this kind of exams before.

My exams date was on a Friday morning and I was amongst the very first batch taking the exams.

I had studied till late night on the exams Eve and my alarm had disappointed me the next day. I woke up late.

My exams was by 8am and I woke up around 7:45am. I become tensed as I hurriedly took my bath and rushed out of the house. I had not located my exams center earlier.

How was I going to meet up?. With the hold up and Everything, I managed to get into the venue by 8:30. With the help of some examiners, I was able to locate my seat after much screening and questions as I rushed into the venue.

Everyone were busy, except for some few giraffes that were looking for already made answers. As I sat, I become very tensed as I managed to get my question paper and answer script. It was paper based.

The time was fast spent. How on earth was I going to meet up? Fear from nowhere gripped me and I forgot almost everything I had crammed.

Even though I managed attempting some questions, I couldn’t concentrate properly. I knew I mixed some things up. At that moment life was complicated for me, if frustration was a thing, I could see it sitted beside me and smiling.

In a very short while one of the examiners announced that we had 15mins to go. I had barely attempted 50% of my questions.

Tears ran down my eyes and I couldn’t see the prints on my paper anymore. The more I wiped them out the more it came out. I started sweating like Christmas goat. Soon I become the center of attraction in the hall.

A very few candidate moped at me in sympathy while others couldn’t even look my way as they were struggling to finish up too.

“Your time is up! stop writing! stop writing.” I heard from the back.

Well, I could have begged and maybe a little mercy would have been shown to me but at this time, I wasn’t in the mood for the exams anymore and besides I had forgotten almost everything.

I wasn’t ready to ask for answers either, it wasn’t part of my plans.
I submitted my script like that.

Few weeks later the results came out, and ofcourse I had flopped.

Now I had to stay another year at home but certainly will not make the same mistakes the next year.

I knew I would have scored at least 285 with my much preparedness but fear snatched it away from me, I had 102. My days of relentless labour got wasted just because I allowed fear in.

Don’t let that be you.
Face that business idea.
Face that academic pursuit
Face that promotional exams.
Face that Challenge.

The truth is that that challenge is still waiting for you either now or later as long as you want a better you.

It’s okay to fail but you certainly will do better when you try again.
I took the same exams the next year and I smashed 305 and proceeded to the university to study my dream course.

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