How to Get Testimonials and Reviews With a Small Customer Base

With even a handful of eloquent, praising testimonials, your business will have a much better chance of capturing new customers – and building initial trust.

And if you’re an established brand with a few thousand (or more) loyal customers, it shouldn’t be hard to collect the testimonials you need to accomplish this.

However, if your company is just starting out, or if your customer base is small, testimonials are harder problem to solve. How can you get better testimonials at this stage of development?
Why Testimonials Are So Important
Let’s start with a briefer on why testimonials are so important for new companies.


    • Social proof. Testimonials serve as a way to achieve social proof. In other words, you can use testimonials as a tool of persuasion, convincing someone new that your brand is worth working with.
    • Social proof is powerful because it’s authentic; people are naturally distrustful of advertising and promotional material because it’s seen as inherently manipulative.
    • On the other hand, a testimonial from a real customer is without motivation, and is seen as sincere.


    • Customer dependence. The majority of modern consumers rely on testimonials and reviews to make purchasing decisions. Before they’re willing to part with their hard-earned money, they want some kind of reliable evidence that their purchase will be worth it.
    • Testimonials fit the bill – and they’re so common that they’ve become expected.


    Conversion utility.
    Testimonials are…

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