How To Sell Online In Nigeria (2024) : Step-By-Step Guide

But do you really know how to sell your products online in Nigeria?

I know you upload on Facebook, Instagram and the rest. But that doesn’t mean you understand the secrets to selling – you may only be utilizing the platforms.

It is this principle I want to discuss with you today. It works whether you decide to sell on social media platforms or build your own website.

You will learn.

  • The terrible mistakes made by business owners selling online and how to avoid them.
  • The actual process to sell on the web in Nigeria, whether products or services.
  • What you can do to make your price understood and accepted.
  • How you can gain buyers’ trust so you have more future repeated sales.

Let’s start.


How To Sell Online In Nigeria

1. Show Benefits Over Features.

The first step to sell online in Nigeria is to show what your products and services can benefit the customers.

Customers don’t mind paying huge, even on high-priced items if they can see the need to do so.

Your buyer has a need, and until you can help him see how your product’s features will benefit his lifestyle, he will not buy.

Features are qualities that make a product what it is – it’s the build-up and the components.

Benefits are the end results users get because of these features (qualities).

I would like to explain better using Mrs. Apel as a case study.

Let assume you saw a phone called XYZ on two different online store. All things being equal, which will you buy?

First Store Says:

  • XYZ has 4G LTE  Network
  • 34Mp and 16Mp camera.
  • 5000mAh battery.

Second Store says:

  • XYZ can download 5 GB movies in minutes.
  • It cleans and enhances your pictures.
  • Also, you can browse full day and stream videos online without charging.

If you need a phone which of these ads will you pay attention to? Most likely the second.


The first store talks about the features, while the second talks about the benefits.

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But look at a third store who uses both features and benefits to sell faster. We have;

Third Store:

  • With a 4G LTE Network, phone XYZ can download 5GB movies in minutes.
  • It cleans and enhances your pictures, making you radiant and more beautiful using its 34MP and 16MP.
  • You can now browse full day and stream videos online without charging because of its inbuilt 5000mAh battery.

Third store definitely have high chance of closing the sales than the first two.

So, I recommend you combine features and benefits when writing your website or Ad copy.

Your goal is to create an imaginary image (end results) that meets with buyers’ expectations. And this way, you succeed selling online in Nigeria.

2. Be Strategic About Pricing

I was on a call with a woman who needs my help with having more paying clients.

While explaining the values she will get for my prices, she objected…

She explained how her last web designer duped her, selling her cheap prices at the beginning.

This is what happens when you expect the cost price of eCommerce website design to be as cheap as bottled water.

Little did she know she will still pay for some hidden fees.

That made her harder to convince. Though, I won her trust. I did the work, and we were both happy.

From experience, I can tell you there is no right and wrong price – it is more of perceived value.

This affects service business owners more than those who sell physical products online in Nigeria where there are almost standard prices everywhere.

If your prices are low than normal, customers will think you don’t deliver quality. If it’s higher, they may think you are greedy.


Most likely the problem is you didn’t cater for clients at all levels.

This is not about selling cheap; it’s about having the right price for the right customers.

For this reason, I encourage my clients to have three pricing levels. This way, there is a package for everyone for how much they can pay.

When DSTV had issues with selling to low-income earners. And their competitors want to use that as an advantage.

They (DSTV) launched GoTV. – Nice move for DSTV. Rather than devaluing their products by lowering the price, they created another for the masses.

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I was working with young entrepreneur who sells herbal drinks. I told her,

Arrange your products in three bottles – small, medium and large. And let every customers know that beyond the sizes, the bottles determines how fast they work”

Gues what, most first time buyers bought the medium bottle.

3. Reassure Your Customers

If your customer doesn’t perceive that he is getting more than he paid; they wouldn’t do business with you again.

For example

Selling online in Nigeria has become more of a onetime sale rather than repeated sales.

How To Write And Sell Your Ebook Online

It’s easy to magnify the benefits of your offer(s) and cut their weaknesses.

Most businesses don’t do after-sale customer service. After buying, you are on your own. The End!

Because first time customers are always sceptical about buying. And even after they have bought, they may feel they have spent too much money or acted on emotions.


The “what if” feeling at work – it happen to us all.

So, your work is to take away their remorse as fast as possible. You need to assure them even after sales that they made the right choice.

And how do you do this?

Be there after sales – it is as simple that. Send a follow-up e-mail, or a phone call, to make sure all went well with the user’s experience.

While doing this, you will earn their trust and enhance future sales with you, thereby saving you marketing cost.

Customers will always have questions to ask…

If it’s products, they may have trouble with the use. If it’s a service, they may have a question for clarity.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a business owner that is ever-supportive.

This is the reason why I see everyone who transact with me as a business partner and not a client.

Where Most Businesses In Nigeria Get Selling Online Wrong

Mrs. Apel (name changed), a well-to-do business owner in Abuja, selling top-notch computers, phones and accessories.

But here is the problem, she was not getting many sales as she wanted.

So, she decided it was time to sell online to reduce staff cost and make more profits

Rather than reaching to a trusted digital marketing agency for help, she decided to make use of her cousin – at least it will be cheaper or almost free.

The cousin designed her website, selling her hope that millions of people will flood in once she shared on WhatsApp status and social media pages.

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Four months after, no difference as everything still seems stagnant with Mrs. Apel businesses.


It was at this point a previous client of mine referred her to me.

After listening to Mrs. Apel’s frustration and checking her sales funnel (marketing strategy). There were lots of loopholes.

Mrs. Apel needed a complete business restructure if she was to get her desired results in the shortest time possible.

We kicked off with the project and today, we are still working together for her website optimization.

I don’t know how similar your business situation is. But I know you can relate with the story.

It’s possible you have social media, business pages, and even understand the benefits of ecommerce website like Mrs. Apel

While they are the right things to have. They don’t matter if you don’t do things right.

Don’t make the same mistake by Mrs. Apel – refusing to spend on what matters. Invest on changes that will get you what you want.

Conclusion On How To Sell Online In Nigeria

Selling products online in Nigeria should not be tough and hard as it is now. Small businesses should not struggled to get customers or clients.

While methods may change, trends come and go, the principles of selling remain the same.

I recommend you work with ecommerce agencies in Nigeria with the best digital marketing services.

But if you want to save yourself the stress of going through that list, then, you can contact us.

What other tips do you know on how to sell online in Nigeria?


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