I have a natural entrepreneurial spirit – Okpala, Kobobid CTO

Mr. Chiedu Okpala 
Says Kobo Auctions here to stay 

Mr. Chiedu Okpala is the Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of Kokobid. In this interview, OKpala speaks about growing up, his professional background and his role as Kokobid CTO. He also speaks on the firm’s  core principles and Kobo auctions

Let’s start with a dive into your personal and professional backgrounds. Maybe go for the one that’s more interesting to you first? Tell us everything!

I was born and raised in Nigeria and moved to the United States to pursue a degree in Computer Science at the age of 15. I have a natural entrepreneurial spirit and also hold an MBA. So, each time I’m involved in building a product, I always look at it from both the technical and business perspective.

I have worked as a programmer for over 20 years. From my first job at the age of 16 at an e-commerce startup in Connecticut to starting my own tech marketing company after college, and…


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