Last Paper Syndrome, has to be one of the most underrated harmful syndromes to occur to a person as a student or anyone doing a series of exams.

The more we progress in writing the exams, the less we are motivated towards the remaining exams till we get to the last paper.

Then, we aren’t motivated or not fully pumped like the other previous exams.

This is a very big issue and only pays off if the hardest exam has been written else it’s a big deal.

Signs You Are Experiencing Last Paper Syndrome


It’s your last paper, you know you haven’t read it but you don’t even mind at all.


This reaches unchartable levels and everything except actual studying is done.

Fear of Failure:

I need to fully explain this, you are not studying, you are not motivated to read, you are now afraid of failing again, this now becomes a cycle you can’t come out from till the exam is over, a painful occurrence.

I have experienced this before, you too would have testimonials of this syndrome but might not know it.

Possible Treatment To The Last Paper Syndrome

A lot of professionals recommend a series of solutions but one thing is sure.

If you don’t get your mind into what you are doing – forget it. You are doing nothing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a genius or whatever.

But how do you get your mind focused on what is before you?

  • Have a good support system.
  • Be willing to read.

Here is a scenario

If a movie comes out today, we have the spoilers and the hypers. Spoilers are those that spoil the movie till you almost or eventually lose interest in watching it right.

Then we have the hypers that will make you want to watch the movie, they are people that increase your curiosity for the movie.

Have a support system that would make you want to read.

Support A:

Hi, David, you haven’t been reading. You all know this is your last exam and the urge to read isn’t there anymore. But you need an A in this course to increase your grade point – so read.

Support B:

Hi David, why you haven’t been reading? You know the exam is not going to be easy. If you like don’t read. you will fail.

While these two sets of people are trying to motivate you; one is beneficial and the other harmful.

I encourage you to surround yourself with like-minded people that you can learn from without any form of condemnation.

And lastly, I will like to say – Don’t be too happy. Don’t get too excited about finishing.

When this excitement gets into your head, you lose focus. And this becomes detrimental to your success.

Never get excited till you are done. For it is not over until it is over…


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