A very popular Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold released a song in 2016 named titled Orente.

I just want to borrow a few lines from the song

Ale ma l’owo lowo (we might not have money)

Sugbon a n’alafia. (but we have peace)

Ale ma n’ile lori o, aye wa dun bi oyin (we might not have a house but our life is sweet). You can check the rest on the internet.

Fast forward to 2021, the same wonderful artist comes to tell us in the very first line of his song HIGH ft davido

“Love is not enough

Baby come to me molowo (come to me molowo)”

Personally, I was like “excuses sir, you said in 2016 that love was greater than and also more important than money.

Now, the narrative has changed. What happened?”

I now deduce that Love expires.

Wait Setemi, love expires? For someone single since birth 😭, I can only answer statistically as per Pep Guardiola wey I be.

What do I mean by love expiring? Let’s carefully go through this analysis, a mother who just gave birth to her first child. She’s so happy, joyful and also wants to carry the baby around everywhere. As the child is growing older up to two years, it is expected that the child should start walking right?

Assuming the child doesn’t start walking at age two, the love the mother had in terms of carrying the child around when she just gave birth won’t be the same as when the child is aging because there is expected to be growth. The mother still loves the child but also expects the child to grow and not remain in the same position.

So as the song narrations we had earlier, even though love prevails things are bounds to be changed.

You cannot be in the same position with the habit and expect the same love energy from your partner as when you began the relationship. You don’t remain in love, you grow in love.

For the “Adekunle gold” in 2016, love was greater even if money wasn’t a major issue then but now, the love is stronger because you have grown in other expect including making money.


You must wonder why I started with this narrative. The major reason is, someone can fall in love with you and as you date, the initial love fades but one thing keeps the relationship going, growing together in love, anyone that loves you would want to see you grow. Positive growth keeps loves going and this is where the narrative of lust has defected.

A lot of people complain about people using or wanting to use them. They come up with stories of “after 5 years of being together, you still dumped me”.

How do we differentiate between someone who truly loves you and wants you to change (some can be for the best and some can change you to a demon)? The argument is, is it truly lust that makes someone want you?


I was watching Nat Geo wild some time ago and I was just engrossed in how a Tiger was hunting in the field. The tiger was just carefully waiting, studying the movement of the prey not because the tiger loves the prey but wants to devour it.

Carefully waiting till the prey slacked then the tiger started chasing the prey, the prey ran and ran and ran till there was no strength for the prey, the tiger caught up and devoured it.

Two things learned from the show was, the tiger patiently waited for one reason and one reason only to devour. Also, the tiger kept running till it caught up with its prey.

This part of life is not something I would normally want to dive into emi indabóski but here we have it sigh!

Love, infatuation has one thing connecting them, interest.

Love according to general knowledge has a profound and caring affection towards someone. Very deep, very serious affection for someone.

while infatuation on the other hand is having an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

It can be simplified into just a long-term slowly growing profit investment and a short term fast-growing profit investment.

A short-lived intensive passion is driven by what? in most cases, sexual desires. One thing about lust is when the “do” is done irritation follows and you begin to wonder why the sudden change.

Interest to grow and ruin.


I cannot basically analyze the intention of anyone towards you but you can get to identify who has your best interest at heart, do also mind that everyone has your interest but you have to choose and take responsibility for the person that has your best interest at heart.

Look for someone that has you in their heart and hope for the best.

Like I have repeatedly said, many of the things written are from statistics and stories have read and not necessarily what I say I have personally experienced. You could have second thoughts on some/everything I have written, love cases can’t be quantified.



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  • 24/03/2022

    Nice write-up

    • 25/03/2022

      Truly Nice Write up!

      I was moved when he said, “Someone can fall in love with you and as you date, the initial love fades.

      But one thing keeps the relationship going, growing together in love. Anyone that loves you would want to see you grow.”


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