The picture attached to this article, shows a woman flogging a man with flowers. There would be a lot, I mean a lot of interpretation from different genders about this picture. I would try to bring some of these interpretations to this article.

We all agreed that flower in this case signifies love or expressing love. The most prominent school of thought from most people would be, the man was trying to offer or express love to the woman right? Gen Z is now of the opinion that Money is everything. In the picture, the woman probably is like “Money maintains me” as most people will.

Love without money is nothing, is this wrong?

Definitely, No. But in this case, the lady is destroying the flower meaning, she is erasing the love offered to her and prefers money hypothetically, meaning she’d prefer money first, then love.

I have seen a lot of people that really prefers money over love and it’s sucks because according to research on depression rates between rich and poor, it says “people who live in wealthy countries are slightly more likely to be depressed than those in low- to middle-income countries, a new study of global depression rates suggests. In the study, close to 15 percent of people in high-income countries said they experienced depression at some point in their lives.”

Now is it to prioritize love over money, Yes but money is necessary.

Money without true love can lead to anxiety, depression, drug addiction, and even death in a worst-case scenario. The story of a professional and successful Paris Saint-German footballer Mauro Picardi, who promised to leave the club if his wife who left him didn’t come back to him. He wasn’t able to make the team for the club and unfollow all his followers on Instagram just to follow his love of my life (LOML), He has money but couldn’t concentrate because of something greater than money, which is true love.

Another school of thought is of the opinion that why should I even entertain a man or woman who just makes promises and does not fulfill them? Why should you offer me flowers (love) when you could offer me a Birkin bag or a PS5? Why on earth do I have to sit down with promises when I could go for manifestation? At least “I no come to this life to suffer”. The world has really painted true love to be without money, true love can’t buy me food when I’m hungry, neither can it fix my nails or hair. A lot of people have painted the scenario of true love to mean, money is not involved but it does involve money.

The big question still remains, which should be prioritized? Money or Love.

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