10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online As a Nigerian Working From Home

In this article, I am going to share 10 legitimate ways you can make money online in Nigeria.

You have heard bloggers making millions of Naira online working from home.

Those are not lies, but the truth.

As a beginner, you too can make money online, but you must:

Believe it is possible,

Be ready to work hard and smart,

Be humble and learn from entrepreneurs.

Here are the 10 best ways on how to make money online from Nigeria.

best-ways-to-make-money-online-in-nigeria-Girl-in-front-of-laptop 10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online As a Nigerian Working From Home

1. Content Writing

Are you a talented writer? I mean, do you write engaging content?

You can make money online in Nigeria by writing articles and blog posts.

Many website owners understand the benefit of having an up-to-date blog.

But they don’t have the time.

So, they will need you to write their blog content and sometimes ask you to promote it.

Content writing pays between a range of N1 to N100, or even more than per word.

The amount you make in the writing business depends on your experience.

If you speak and write a second language, then you attract more income.

This serves as an edge in getting a translating job.

A job where you write original content in another language.

If you’re an expert in any of these writing niches, you can make some fast money online.

Also, specializing in a particular writing niche helps you to charge more.

How do you become a content writer? Here are the steps you can take.

  • Have a professional profile on LinkedIn and tag with #opentowork
  • Join and engage in a writing community group on Facebook.
  • Apply for content writing jobs on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.
  • Contact website owners to know if they seek writers.
  • Register on websites that post translating jobs often.
  • Be active in an industry forum to network with other experts.

When you get a writing job, please ensure you submit early to gain the trust of your clients.

2. Start Blogging

Blogging is a profitable online business in Nigeria with unlimited earnings.

Having a successful blog needs you to be good at writing and publish often.

Three things will determine how profitable you will be. They are:

How valuable your contents are?

Your posting consistency and traffic

Types of Ads and sponsorships on the website.

Adsense still remains one of the oldest ways you can make money with blogging.

A blog is a perfect way to share your passion while making money online in Nigeria.

To start blogging:

Choose your online business platforms

I use WordPress.org and tell you to do the same.

WordPress is free

It has a large community of supporters.

Thousands of themes and plugins to choose from.

Fast and secured

Buy hosting and domain name

I recommend Namecheap.

Their shared hosting plan is as low as

NameCheap offers one of the best customer services in the hosting industry.

Install and Design your WordPress Website

WordPress gives you free themes and plugins at the point of installing your website.

But I prefer to use premium themes. They have better options and quality coding than free themes.

The theme I am using on this website is Neve from ThemeIsle.

It loads faster than 99% of WordPress themes

The theme has smart SEO optimization, so Google can understand your web page better.

It looks good on phones, tablets, and computers.

You can email me at [email protected] for a professional website design.

Start Publishing Content

It is time to post content (text, images, audio, or videos) relevant to your field.

Always choose quality content over quantity.

When publishing, stay true to your personality.

Promote Your Blog

Publishing content on your blog is not enough.

You need to get it out to your readers.

Start by advertising your website on social media.

Tell friends and existing blog audience to share

Partner with bloggers for outreach.

3. Start a Podcast

Podcasting and blogging are not the same.

Not everyone has the time or even enjoys reading, but prefers listening.

While you do more writing in blogging; you talk more in podcasts.

So, you can reach out to those audiences via podcasting.

You can make money online in Nigeria with podcasts in the following ways:

  • Sponsorship and brand mentions
  • Hosting sessions or interviews.
  • Selling premium podcast content.

To succeed with podcasting, you will need the following basic tools:

  • Headphone,
  • Microphone,
  • Laptop,

You don’t need to have all the above to begin your podcast business.

Start with what you have.

Here are quick steps to start a podcast business.

  • Design a website where you upload your podcast.
  • Install your software (Audacity, etc.) on your laptop.
  • Start talking while you record.
  • Convert your record to mp3 format and upload it on your website.

4. Online Coaching

Some people need coaching but can’t afford to meet in person.

This is because of their location, schedule, or privacy reasons.

Such persons will appreciate your coaching service online.

Another proof that online coaching sells is the rate at which people buy courses.

If you can transform people’s lives with your words, then go this way.

You will charge your clients, and they will pay for the time or value you deliver.

Online coaching sells more in the personal development industry.

Many people are struggling, and they need someone to help them focus and balance their life.

The good thing is you can start an online coaching business without a degree.

What is most important is that you speak to the heart of your clients.

How do you make money online in Nigeria with the coaching business?

  • Specialize and master one area of the business. E.g. Investment coach, productivity coach, habit coach, and more.
  • Design your website and start posting relevant content.
  • Be active with giving sound advice on social media.
  • Run paid ads and target the right audience.

5. Buy and Sell Website

If you have a basic knowledge of website marketing, you can make money with it.

Like a business broker in the real world, you become a business broker on the web.

Lots of people want to buy websites.

They want to make money online in Nigeria using a working website.

Others want to sell their own website, but don’t know how to.

Your work as a website broker is to connect the buyers and sellers.

You can make up to a million Naira in a single transaction.

Your income depends on the website sales price.

To make money with website selling, you should:

  • Get a website of your own explaining what you do.
  • Update the website with content buyers and sellers are looking for online.
  • Create a landing page for each website you want to sell.
  • Promote your offer on sites like Flippa, SiteSell, and BuySellWebsite.
  • Ensure buyers and sellers sign all legal papers needed.
  • Take your percentage cut once you finish with sales.

6. Sell on eCommerce Website

Sometimes, to make money online in Nigeria, you don’t need to have your own website.

You can always list your products on eCommerce websites and make your cool cash.

In business, you can make from N5,000 gain on each product.

Imagine you sell an average of three items per day.

A day: N5,000 x 3 = N15,000.

For a month: 15000 x 30 = N450,000.

That’s a good sum of money, at least for a beginner.

To earn more money, I tell you to sell products with a high-profit margin.

E.g. Selling leather shoes or jewelry will profit you more than clothes.

What can I sell to make money in Nigeria?

  1. Information
  2. Home care products.
  3. Images and vectors.
  4. Electronics and Gadgets.
  5. Hair and Beauty Products.
  6. Clothing and Shoes.

But how do you get products to sell?

  • Check to see if you have items you no longer use around you.
  • Meet with local traders and offer to sell their products.
  • Buy items in bulk from China at the cheapest price.
  • List your products on sites like Andtab or Jiji.
  • Attend to customers’ calls.
  • Get their shipping details and receive payment.
  • Deliver the products and get your cash.

7. Get a Virtual Assisting Job

If you research well, then the virtual assisting job is good for you.

Small business owners find it difficult to manage tasks on their own.

They often look to the internet to ​outsource some of their workloads.

You can make as much as N75,000 per major job completed.

And this job takes an average of 48 hours to complete.

You work as a virtual assistant will include to:

  • Schedule meetings.
  • Organize day-to-day activities.
  • Pick phone calls and answer queries.
  • Handle emails messages and replies.
  • Collect and arrange data.

Having good computer knowledge will serve as an added advantage in interviews.

To make money online in Nigeria with virtual assisting, follow these steps

Look out for data entry openings in freelancing sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, and Odesk.com.

  • Start applying for those jobs
  • Get the documents done on time
  • Submit back the job within the required deadline
  • Collect testimonials and offer incentives for people to refer their friends.

8. Create Software and Apps

Are you good at programming?

There are so many businesses needing custom software for their use.

I received a call from a doctor who needed my services.

He needed software to track, collate, and organize drugs sales in his clinic.

And it all went well–that’s money-making.

You earn enough money with software development, the more people use your license,

Also, you can create apps for mobile users and connect Google Ads or charge a premium.

Below are ideas you can start with;

  • A Bible or Quran app.
  • An app showing one year home fitness exercises.
  • Automated software for article writing.
  • Word to PDF conversion.
  • An app aggregating top news by topics or regions.

To make money online in Nigeria with apps and software:

  • Identify a need among thousands of people.
  • Develop software to provide solutions to this problem.
  • If you can’t program, outsource it.
  • Upload to Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Do paid ads telling users about your new app.
  • Get feedback from app users on what to improve.
  • Monetize the app and start earning.

9. Design Website

Are you good at web designing? Do you know how to use the content management system, WordPress?

If yes, then you can make money online with web designing in Nigeria.

You can earn as much as N90,000 as profit, designing a simple blog.

To create a website, you don’t need to have knowledge of coding.

You can set up websites for clients designing none.

People all over the world have created beautiful and functioning websites using WordPress.

When I began my online marketing journey in 2013, I started with web design.

I had to teach myself because there was no teacher.

This caused me to spend more years and resources trying to perfect my skills in web design.

Today, I wouldn’t tell anyone to go that way. It is best to learn from someone who knows it.

To make money online with web design in Nigeria:

  • Start with designing your own personal website.
  • Upload your portfolio and cases studies.
  • Include your testimonials and other social proofs in visible areas.
  • Talk to small business owners about the benefits of having a website.
  • Email existing website owner to redesign their website to look more professional.
  • Deliver clients’ websites on time and ask for testimonials.

10. Start Video Editing

This is another online business idea in which you can make significant money by helping others edit videos.

You don’t have to be an expert to sell your video editing works.

All you need is to assemble pictures or short videos, put them together, and add some basic touching.

Clients can pay as high as N100,000 per video if you do your marketing right.

To increase your earnings, learn animations and cartoons.

Your business success will depend on how creative you are.

With video editing skills, you can build a profitable business in a quick time.

How do you make money online in Nigeria with video editing?

  • Be passionate about editing.
  • Get a good laptop with high capacity.
  • Create sample videos for existing businesses.
  • Share on social media and run adverts if necessary.
  • Offer your clients packages to choose from.

FAQs on How to Make Money Online From Nigeria

How can I make money online fast in Nigeria?

  • Content Writing
  • Start Blogging
  • Start a Podcast
  • Online Coaching
  • Buy and Sell Website
  • Sell on eCommerce Website
  • Get a Virtual Assisting Job
  • Create Software and Apps
  • Design Website
  • Start Video Editing

How can a Nigerian student make money online?

  1. Get a Freelancing Job
  2. Become Affiliate to Companies
  3. Sell Used Products on eCommerce Websites.
  4. Sell Handouts and Past Questions
  5. Teach in Tutorials
  6. Start a Blog or Vlog

What can I sell to make money in Nigeria?

  1. Information
  2. Home care products.
  3. Images and vectors.
  4. Electronics and Gadgets.
  5. Hair and Beauty Products.
  6. Clothing and Shoes.

What Sells Most Online in Nigeria?

  1. Electronic and Home Appliances.
  2. Fashion Items and Accessories.
  3. Hair and Beauty Products.
  4. Health And Wellness Products.
  5. Baby Accessories.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria: The Conclusion

I have enjoyed writing this article to you.

Because I know you will get one or two online business ideas you can start with.

You can visit the resources page to learn about some tools to fast your earnings.

I wish you the best as you choose to make money online in Nigeria.