Yes, I finally found my pen Oh it wasn’t my pen I was missing, it was my heart.

Finally found my courage, the strength to overcome that fear…

What if I’m not good enough, what if I start and I don’t finish, what if I start and I’m not accepted?

And yes I feel the rush now but what if it stops along the way? That fear of what if’s.

Yes, I found my pen, and then I found my courage. But I really need to find my voice.

That voice that would be in your hearts and ring in your ears till all eternity telling you truths you’ve always known in your hearts, but haven’t found the courage to accept. 

And if I lose my voice along the way, I will write you letters. Not letters are written in red like those in scriptures you’ve forsaken.

But love letters that would increase the volume of my voice in your hearts, cause even if I lose my pen along the way you would always hear my voice.




That Orator