Nigeria at the cross-roads and its political odyssey

By Chiedu Uche Okoye

BEFORE the British imperialists came to Nigeria, the geographical space called Nigeria was occupied by many different ethnic groups that had their peculiar systems of government. While the emirate system of government thrived in the pure and impure Hausa states, the Obaship system of government reigned in Yoruba land.

In the South East of Nigeria, which is dominated by the Igbo people, the people practised republicanism which was rooted in gerontocracy. The White people who invaded Africa for political and economic reasons, carved up the continent into many nations, and introduced Western democracy to the people(s) of Africa.

Had they not brought democracy to us, perhaps, many different types of pre-colonial governments we had in Africa would have evolved to become ideal models of government today. However, democracy, which originated in Athens, Greece, is believed to be the best type of government. It is said…


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