Nigeria’s daily COVID-19 cases reduce again

Nigeria on Monday recorded its lowest daily COVID-19 infections since the beginning of the second wave in December 2020 with 574 new cases.

This occurred as the daily figures from Lagos, the country’s coronavirus epicentre, continues to decline.

The new figure indicated a decrease from the 690 cases recorded on Sunday which was also one of the lowest since early December.

The relative low figures recorded on Sunday and Monday could be attributed to the decline in daily infections from Lagos, the most affected city in the country with more than a third of the nation’s total infections.

Sunday’s figure was initially 520 but was raised to 690 after the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Monday evening provided an update on COVID-19 data which then included 170 new cases from Lagos that was earlier omitted.

With 574 new cases on Monday, 146,928 people have now been infected with the virus.

According to an update from the NCDC, eight people…

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