Obafemi’s Hardware: The Academic and Leadership Nexus, By Toyin Falola

Extensive academic research has cemented the place of mentoring and career guidance for people in contemporary times. The action of guiding people to choose a particular career path has no place in the Nigerian education system, especially during the heydays of colonialism and Nigeria’s post-independence era in the 1960s. The reason for this is not unknown. Then, there was a scarcity of academic graduates who understood the place of mentorship in the development of individuals, as a way of building a virile successor generation. In addition to this, not many career opportunities were available or open to individuals at that point in time.

Thus, individuals usually chose their career journeys on the basis of a factor associated with personal preferences or social pressure. It was more difficult because the availability of courses and career options determined, to a large degree, the career choices of the said society. This was the…


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