Business Branding: How to Win Market Trust and Create a Lasting Brand

business branding

Want to do business branding?

This article explains the step-by-step guide on how to brand your business, position as expert, and dominate your market.

Business Branding is beyond logos, visuals and influencers’ endorsement. The internet has changed branding from what it’s used to be.

Older business branding ideas you know no longer works.  That is because they centered on broadcasting; allowing only one-way communication.

New business branding services understand the need for dialogue; giving room to discuss and engage with customers.

What customers say about your business is far stronger than what you say about yourself. They are the one making the purchase.

Creating a lasting brand is a must if you want to stand out from your competitors in business. You need to stay unique else you get eating up by sharks.

Have you always want to do business branding but don’t know how to go about it? Okay!

This article explains the step-by-step guide on how to brand your business, position as expert, and dominate your market.

What is the Meaning of Business Branding?

The word, ‘brand’ was derived from the word, ‘brandr’ which means to burn.

In the early days of cattle rearing, owners will burn their mark on their cattle for easy identification.

Just so you know, business branding is not bragging or boasting.

Business branding is the act of promoting who you are and what you do via the use of logo, colour, tagline (slogan), structures and copy.

When you talk branding, you talk the personality of that business.

It’s a way of increasing your products’ visibility, reaching more customers, and getting more sales.

Branding is understanding that winning in business is not a battle of products; but perception. With branding, you can create this perception.

Business branding is for all–be it a one-man business or conglomerates. You need to see yourself as a business brand just like Pepsi, Nike and more.

Your brand name is an emotional response from customers to the logo, colour or name your company. They all need to communicate.

Branding your business means you create a particular feeling when people hear your name or lands on your website.

What do you want customers to know you for? What values do you want people to associate with your business?

Why Business Branding?

Every company would like to think of itself as being in the first place, but we know that’s not true.

People want to buy from the seller who is the leader in the market. Only on rare occasions do consumers consider sellers in second or third place.

There is a reason brand names dominate around the world. It’s because people associate quality with industry experts. And so they will pay a high price.

Most people using the iPhone do that because of the brand name (APPLE).

It gives them a sense of recognition and importance. The same applies to Gucci and many others.

While selling is good; becoming an expert is better. During tough times, people go to industry leaders even though the price may be higher.

They are not willing to risk their money for a product or service they have no full trust for.

You need to dominate your niche and develop your brand name. You want people to call you when they need a solution to a problem. People trust and take advice from authority figures.

How much of market dominance have you established as a leader in your niche?

You don’t expect people calling you to hire your service or buy your products if they don’t know you or believe what you offer.

They can only know about you and what you do when you tell them. People buy from whom they trust.

Business Branding Examples

If you are a copywriter, your brand is “intellectual”. You want people to know you change the heart of men through your words.

If you sell fashion and beauty products, your brand is “styles and beauty”. You want people to know you have what it takes to make them look good.

If you are graphic or web designer, your brand is “creative”. You want people to know you have creative skills and so you show them your portfolio.

If you sell food and nutrition products, your brand is “healthy”. You want people to know you can satisfy their appetite and help them live healthy.

If you are life coach, your brand is, “positive emotion”. You want people to know you can help them leave the state of bitterness, anger to love, happiness and self-confidence.

If you sell online courses, your brand is, “knowledge”. You want people to know your course can educate them on the subject.

The whole thing about business brand is to create a perception in the mind of customers through story telling.

How to Write Your Business Brand Story

The key reason of building business brand in telling a story. Telling a story makes you unique and help speed up your success in the marketplace.

Have you written your business bio? Your bio is your business sales pitch.

It’s does not need be lengthy as a book. It could be as little as one sentence pitch.

This should describe who you are, who you serve and what you do.

You don’t need an elevator pitch or a sales presentation before customers get to know you.

A one sentence pitch you can explain in 10 seconds is better that one of 30 seconds.

Example 1:
We are a digital agency helping law firms with web design and marketing services.

Who are you? Digital Agency.
Who do you serve? Law Firms.
What do you do? Web Design and Marketing.

Example 2:
We are fashion store selling corporate wears for business managers and executives.

Who are you? Fashion Store.
Who do you serve? Business men and Executives.
What do you do? Selling Corporate Wears.

How to Do Business Branding

Just before you design your logo and putting colours together. You need to understand the factors that create a lasting brand.

1. Focus on Value:

Do you know who your customers are?  What are their motivations for buying?

This is important to creating a lasting brand.

If I want you to engage with online, it’s not enough for my products or services to do the work. I have to give you reasons to engage with me and allow you to leave feedback.

I must be ready to communicate my value to you in different ways to meet your desired needs.

By focusing on value, I mean:

  • Educate the people even before they understand what you are selling.
  • Position Yourself as a useful resource in the industry and provide value through content–industry news, key thoughts and more.
  • Help customers understand the markets and options available to them.
  • Throw spotlight (status, fame) on your buyers with the value they associate with.

2. Engage with Social Media

  • What are you doing about social media?
  • How are you attracting customers and clients?
  • What value do you communicate beyond selling?
  • How are you engaging customers and clients?

Today, social media has made it possible for prospect to know everything about you before they even call or meet with you.

The increase use of social media is affecting consumers and their chance of buying. It is closing the gap between a consumer offline and online shopping experience.

Social media has grown beyond words of mouth. With billions of people on this platform, you can know everything about anyone anywhere.

You can locate buyers and business partners within a few moments of engagements. You can get more visibility, gain loyal customers, and profit from interactions with different persons in your industry.

And to nail it all–it is almost completely free.

Here is the thing, search engines see everything you do on social media, affecting your ranking.

Except you have a well optimized website, majority of what you will see on Google are your social account pages if you search your business.

I now commit to socialize more on social media. I live by values and social media is the platform I can teach these values as relating to my professional life.

When you say change is constant, that’s true about social media. There are blogs all over the internet with latest post a year back. Not same with social media. It moves and changes daily and even in constant. Social media is current.

The most important element of social media is you. It’s about what you post, what you like, what you comment, and what you share.

And so, how you position in the actual world is critical to your influence on social media.

There is no best time to key into this big data than now.

While it’s true that social media requires your time in building; it’s worth for business.

It’s not too late to start. It’s not too late to gather up your energy and launch into the social media business.

Decide what results you want to see, commit to the process and reap the rewards in a hundred and thousand times.

3. Start Creating Content

Your blog is the one place that existing and potential customers can get to know you better. Use your picture on your blog. Talk about daily life. Be Real.

Any successful salesperson knows that establishing a relationship first is an enormous advantage. Your blog is a good way to closing the deal and in developing future business.

People who are selling online show a personal touch in a variety of ways. You are not obligated to reveal personal things about yourself. Yet, let your true personality come through.

Publishing content gives your readers a taste of who you are and what you do. Then, when the situation requires you to speak as an authority, they will be more open to accepting what you say.

You lose your authority because of careless writing or fake claims. So, always give it a second thought before you publish.

You associated yourself with authority figures because you admire them. This was possible because you find common interests with them via their content. The same principles will hold true for you.

You must be persistent and consistent in whatever you do. Building your authority takes time and effort. You must have proved it and educated others to become an authority.

4. Fuel Your Passion

What do you dream about all day? What do you love doing? What makes you sleep less at night?
Whatever it is, fuel it.

Passion is key to owning a successful business.

I believe you don’t have to do what you love, but you must love what you do. In business, you don’t have to do the things you have a passion for, but you must have a passion for the things you do.

Because it when you love what you do that you spend time, energy and resources on.

Fine, I know you are in the business to make money. But let me ask you: In a job interview, who would you hire?

The applicant who loves and is passionate about his works (your business) or the one who is in there also to make money like you believed?

I guess the first. If so, you are the first CEO and employee of your own business. So, fuel your passion for what you do.

In the early days of his business, Gary Vaynerchuk spends hours commenting on other people’s blog talking about wine.

He was not doing this because he loves commenting or to increase his website traffic. It was because he loves wine and the business of selling it. He is today a celebrity.

I love the web and the business of buying and selling online. And that’s why I am here.

You are as good as dead if you have no passion for something. The only thing that gets you out of bed every morning is the alarm clock.

You eat out of greed, not for health. You make friends out of situations, not because you love being around people.

You don’t have to have the passion before you start business. But once you are in business, fuel your passion; not with petrol but gas.

It is important you have a passion for what you do–something you can build your brand on.

Become passionate about yourself and business. If you want to be happy in the later year of your life, align your goals with your passion.

Example: If your goal is to make a million naira per month, and your passion is teaching kids, you probably won’t get there.

That’s because there is not much money you can make with teaching kids. Instead, do what can bring you the money you want.

Tips of Building a Business Brand

1). Be Careful of Your Content Online

I know a few business owners (some by mistake) who have run down their business because of a single post.
Content online spreads faster than wildfire. Be careful!

2). Use Only Quality Pictures

Be real to customers by using pictures containing everyday people using your products. And make sure it’s of outstanding quality.

3). Serve First. Ask Later.

As much as your profit is important to keep your business running, show a hand of love first to customers. It’s when you help, you succeed faster.

4). Stay Focused

While you are building your business brand, you will face many a challenge. You may feel the urge to start another business. You don’t have to.

5). Ask for Help

At some point, you will be at a crossroad on what to do and not do. Please, call on someone experienced enough to help.

I faced this challenge when I need to categorize products of an ecommerce store. The best thing I did then was to call on someone, and that saved me a lot of time.

6). Be Visible and Accessible

By being visible, you share more information create more awareness about your business to those interested.
Your recognition is essential if you want to dominate your field. You need to stop hiding and get your name out there.

Be accessible via telephone, social media, email ( or a contact form on your website.

7). Go Mobile

If you want to engage with your customers, you need to meet them at their own device–smartphones. This means building your website to look neat and fit on all devices.

When you make your ecommerce website mobile-responsive, you expose it to a larger number of persons since most shop using their phones.

Also, as you go mobile, don’t forget speed is crucial. No one likes a slow loading website.

8). Do Invest in Yourself and Others

Stay current about what’s happening in your industry. Read blogs, attend seminars, network with others.

Investment in people pay dividends in thousand folds. Invest in your business partners, employees, and customers. When you help other grow, they pay it back to you (your business).

While you are building your business brand, you will become overwhelmed. Don’t forget to take out some time for yourself and family–very important.

Business Branding Conclusion:

Success in business branding comes down to three things:

  • Be Unique
  • Target those in need
  • Communicate your brand message.

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