Selling Online in Nigeria: Start Selling More Using These 3 Easy Tips

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Selling online in Nigeria seems to get tougher and harder for some. I have seen a lot of business owners struggling.

Most have become discouraged and lost hope in ecommerce business. Yet, I am of the philosophy that it shouldn’t be hard to sell online in Nigeria.

The methods may change, trends may come and go, but the principles remain the same.

Let me tell you a story about…

Selling Online in Nigeria

Mr. James, a well-to-do business owner in Abuja, called to schedule a meeting with me.

He sells nice and quality luxury items. He has a good-looking office with 5 staff working for him.

But here is the problem, he was not getting many sales as he had wanted.

So, he decided it was time to sell online to reduce staff cost and make more profits

He got his website designed by his church member since it was cheaper with him – believing he has seen the solution.

Four months after, no difference as everything still seems stagnant.

Though more people saw his products than before (thanks to Ad) but only a few were buying. Mr James’ expectation was cut short.

From his story, he did a lot of websites optimization, yet no positive outcome.

It was then a previous client referred me to him. Thanks to you if you are reading this article.

After listening to him and checking his sales funnel (selling online strategy).

I saw some loopholes and knew why Mr. James has not been selling best. He needed a website optimization.

I knew my work was to help him get his desired results in the shortest time possible.

I don’t know how similar your story is. I do not know except you tell me.

It’s possible you have social media, business pages, or even an ecommerce website like Mr. James.

While they are the right things to have. They don’t matter if you don’t do things right.

Come to the understanding that people owe you nothing for visiting your website. No one cares how much money you spent promoting Facebook ads or pay-per-click.

I am sorry; I am not teaching how to create a website or social pages here.

But you will discover…

  • The actual process to sell online in Nigeria, no matter what you offer.
  • What you can do to make your price understood and accepted.
  • The terrible mistakes made by business owners selling online in Nigeria and how to avoid them.
  • How you can gain buyers’ trust so you have more future repeated sales.

And the good news is…

You don’t need extra money to do this. You only a few changes to see the results you have always wanted.

So, let’s begin…

Easy Tips to Sell Online In Nigeria

Show the Benefits over Features.

People don’t mind paying huge, even high-priced items if they can see the need to.

I will buy it if you will help me see how your products/services will help me.

You understand that we humans are selfish. We want what we want.

Everyone is moving with the head tag, “What’s In It For Me?”

Your buyer has a need, and until you can help him see your offer as the solution to his need, he will not buy.

And sometimes, go as far as helping him see he has a problem because he may not even know.

And this brings me to ask what is a benefit and what is a feature? Let;

Features are qualities that make a product what it is – it’s the build-up.

Benefits are the end results gotten because of these features (qualities).

Features tell you product XYZ has ABC in it.

Benefits tell you product XYZ will use ABC to do DEF for you

I would like to explain better.

Let assume you saw two different ads about the same phone called XYZ on Facebook. Which will you choose?

First Ad:

  • XYZ has 4G LTE  Network
  • It has a 34Mp back camera and 16Mp front camera.
  • It came with a strong 5000mAh battery.

Second Ad:

  • XYZ can download 5GB movies in minutes.
  • It cleans and enhances your pictures, making you radiant and more beautiful.
  • It allows you to browse a full day and stream videos online without charging.

If you need a phone which of these ads will you pay attention to? First Ad talks about the features while second Ad talks about the benefits.

A better option is using the two (both features and benefits) when you sell online. We have;

Third Ad:

  • With a 4G LTE Network, phone XYZ can download 5GB movies in minutes.
  • It cleans and enhances your pictures, making you radiant and more beautiful using 34MP and 16MP.
  • You can now browse full day and stream videos online without charging because of its inbuilt 5000mAh battery.

So, I recommend you combine features and benefits when writing your website or Ad copy.

Your goal is to create an image (end results) that meets with buyers’ expectations.

But how do you know what your customers want since you can’t assume what’s best for them?

Ask them questions? What do they want? What are their desires?

You should also check out forums and read products or service reviews on related products.

Communicate your offer in ways relating to their dream. And you are one step closer to selling online in Nigeria.


Have A Clear Pricing Strategy

I was on a call with a woman who needs my help with having more paying clients.

So, I will need to rebrand her website so she could convert better.

I was explaining the values she will get for my prices.

Then she objected…

Telling me how her last web designer duped her.

She said his price (the web designer) seems cheap at the beginning. Little did she know she will still pay for some hidden fees.

That made her harder to convince. Though, I won her trust. I did the work, and we were both happy.

From experience, I can tell you there is no right and wrong price. Pricing in digital marketing in Nigeria and elsewhere is more of perceived value.

If your prices are low than normal, I will think you don’t deliver quality. If it’s higher, I may think you are greedy.

Most likely the problem is not your price; you need to let your buyer see what he/she is paying for.

There are customers at every pricing level. And so offer them according to their capability using packages.


It’s not about selling cheap; it’s about having the right price for the right customers.

For that reason, I encourage having three pricing levels.

When DSTV had issues with selling to low-income earners. And competitors want to use that as an advantage.

They (DSTV) launched GoTv. – Nice move for DSTV. Rather than devalue their products by lowering the price, they created another for the masses.

What I am saying is you learn how to put a value price for a value product. Make your pricing clear.

Let them know what they are paying for and how they will be paying.

Are they to pay in bits, renew, or a onetime payment? Be sure to make it easy for them.

When I began, my web design journey, fee was more of a monthly subscription.

Then, I realized Nigerians don’t like monthly payments. They prefer onetime to pay.

But because of website updates and maintenance, I had to make it easy by offering a yearly payment plan.

So I switched. At the time you are reading this article, I may have gotten a better pricing strategy to selling online in Nigeria.

If you charge a delivery fee, let them know before they buy it. Everything should be open to them.

Also, the discount does well. Yes, it does.

I have the tendency to buy more if you offer me a discount, but be careful how you use discounts.

You know, it gives me a feeling of I am saving more – which might not be true. But you use it.

When you offer a discount, do it in numbers, not in percentage.

For example;

If your product costs N10,000 and you offer it for N6000. It is better to say old price N10,000; new price N6000 than say a 40% discount.

I don’t have the time to calculate the 40% of N10,000. Especially when it is an odd percentage, 36%, 47%, 88%, and more.


  • Reassure Your Customers

If your customer doesn’t perceive that he is getting more than he paid; the future transaction is dead.

It’s easy to magnify the benefits of your offer(s) and cut their weaknesses.

Selling online in Nigeria has become more of a onetime sale rather than repeated sales.

Most business owners don’t do after-sale customer service. After buying, you are on your own o. The End!

As a first-time buyer, I will probably be afraid after buying from you. I may feel I have spent too much money or acted on emotions.

The “what if” feeling at work.

Your work is to take away my remorse as fast as possible. You need to assure me even after sales that I made the right choice.

And how do you do this?

Be there for me even after selling to me. By doing this, you will have my loyalty and enhance future sales with you.

Customers will always have questions to ask…

If it’s products, they may have trouble with the use. If it’s a service, they may have a question for clarity.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a business owner that is ever-supportive.

My clients love me for this. That’s because I see you as a partner than a client.

Another great way is to send a follow-up e-mail, or a phone call, to make sure all went well with the user’s experience.

To kill online buyers’ fears, give a guarantee or some days’ money return.

It gives the buyer a sense of reassurance when shopping on your website.

I will buy more with confidence if I know the products have guarantees or at least a warranty.

Jumia and Konga do this–The 7 days return. And please be true to your claims.

I have seen a website with a “100% Guaranteed” on low-quality products. I have had a 30 days’ money return, but they never returned the money.

My calls they won’t pick and my mails they won’t reply.

When you say it, mean it.

If you’re not okay with a full money-back guarantee, consider a free trial version of what you sell.

Also, a business model with an offer to upgrade later will do well – for service business.

What tips have you been using before now? What other tips do you know that works well in selling online in Nigeria?

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