The Successful Entrepreneur: What Does it Take to Succeed in Business?

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Do you know any successful entrepreneur? Where does he stays? How was he able to succeed in business?

Do you want to make money online? Will you like to work from the comfort of your home and be the boss of yourself?

When you become a successful entrepreneur , you are open to freedom and success.

You can work anywhere, anytime using a laptop and an internet connection.

It gives you relevance among friends. Respect among families.

With strategic ecommerce marketing, you can set up a system that keeps working for you 24/7.

If you get it right, you can wake up richer the next day.

When young minds set out to become a successful in business, one of these two happens to them.


A well-organized, successful entrepreneur. John works with few clients and they pay him high for his excellent services. John spends rest of his time with his friends and family.


A shabby-looking struggling entrepreneur. Because of works from clients, Doe looks stressed and older than his age. Doe has no time for his family, not even himself.

Which of these entrepreneurs do you want to be? John or Doe?

If you want Doe’s kind of life, I recommend you stop reading. Go play video games.

But if you want John’s kind of life, you can continue with me.

Introduction to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

I am here to guide you on…

  • What to do to become the successful entrepreneur others emulate
  • How to prevent being lazy since no one is there to motivate you
  • How to escape the boring life faced by most entrepreneurs
  • How to avoid stress, do less and earn more

Most persons are not as successful as they have made you believe. They have become the entrepreneur with a boss (clients) working for a job (gigs).

Clients underpay some. What makes them different from salary earners?

While your dreams and goals are achievable, realize that you will work.

They may have sold you a dream.

A dream where you answer a few phone calls, check payments that came in last night and go back to bed.

I am not promising to take the works from you. No!

But to show you how to avoid wasting years working on what will not yield fruits.

I am here to guide you on ways to avoid my mistakes so you move faster and be happy.

For this reason, I will not be teaching the technical aspect. Reach out to me here for that.

So let’s begin…

How To Become a Successful Entrepreneur

1. Choose between Passion and Reality

At a point, you will struggle between what you love (passion) and what works (reality).

“Should I go full time on self-development or on web designing?”, I asked.

In my early twenties, I suffered from answering this question

Are you having similar issues? Then, your major thought would be like:

  • Do what you love and hope it turns out well and pays your bills (Gambled Life)
  • Do what works with the promise to return to passion once you make money. (Wasted Life)

None of these two is good. The problem is that sequencing our life hardly works.

You might do what you love, pour in your passion, and still not be successful if that’s not what the people (customers) want.

You can as well do what works, make the money, but full of regrets at the latter ends of your life.

So, how do you become a successful entrepreneur with a work-life balance?

On this matter, here is my take.

Spend your morning working on your business and your afternoon working on your passion.

Your passion should not wait until the day you think you have all the money you want. That day may never arrive.

Also, your business should not wait for passion, else it dies.

Motivate Yourself in the Face of Challenges

I got into web design and digital marketing because of three Ps:

  • Passion

I really want to know how the web works. I can talk about the internet till the world ends – Love!

  • Passive Income

I grew with the aspiration of making money while sleeping. How? I don’t know. But I knew I have always wanted to.

  • Personal Growth

Self-development is a must for me. I saw the digital and ecommerce industry as a ground to grow since there is always something to learn.

To become a successful entrepreneur can be full of difficulties if you don’t have someone to make it easy for you.

You will feel as though you are building your customers’ life and business and yours remains the same.

You will meet with some die-hard clients who will want things at their own time and in their own way.

One of the easiest ways you will burn out is doing custom work or selling custom products (More details later)

I am sure you don’t want this… Do you?

I was not told that to become successful in business; it takes time. It takes time to perfect the skill, time to have large visitors, and turn them, customers.

To me, it became a normal thing to hear, “I will get back to you”. May you not become used to fake promises.

Among other stories, I want to say this one…

It was July when my friend recommended me to a lecturer who needed an ecommerce specialist.

I called her on Thursday night when I got her number. Then, she told me to come to the company tomorrow morning at 8 am.

I was happy. At least small money to eat will come out from it – was damn broke.

It was 7:59 am the next day, Friday.

I got there with my friend in a white long sleeve, black ironed trouser and black polished shoe.

I called her on the phone, and the conversation goes thus…

Me: Good morning, ma. I am at the front of Polaris bank (where she told me to stop)

She: Okay, I will get someone to pick you up.

Me: (Jubilating and rejoicing with my friend.)

It was 8:04 am and my phone rang.

Me: Hello ma…

She: I am sorry! The company manager said they have seen another person.

Me: Thank you, ma.

(The conversation ended.)

I became confused that the only thing I could do was to laugh to regulate my blood pressure.

About my friend? He was speechless and doesn’t know what to say.

Yet, I knew there were better days ahead and so I kept moving. I thanked God I didn’t turn back.

I believed if other successful entrepreneur could do it, I can as well do it. If I can do it, you can well.

3. Strive for a Work-Life Balance

As you work towards becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will develop a feeling you are not doing enough.

There are days when you will work from 8am to 12am on things you don’t like.
I remembered spending 36 hours sitting at a stretch designing a website. May I never repeat such days again. Never!!!
Because now I realized it was not worth it. Those sleepless night doesn’t worth it.

When you ought to rest, you want to keep working. And trust me, it is the fastest way to misery.

This gives room for clients not to respect your working hours. They call whenever they want.

So as you journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, I tell you to know how much you need each month.

If you don’t, you will keep working and not know when to stop. Of what good is the money you have that you can’t enjoy?

I work between 6 am to 12 pm with breaks. Afterward, I enjoy the rest of my day.

Don’t fall into the trap of “I am always available”. It is a sign of inferiority complex and indiscipline.

Let clients know hours they can call you.

The evening and weekends are the best time to work on yourself. Make it personal. Hang out with your friends. Spend time with your family.

Your wealth is how long you can live without working. This means having excess savings.

Working harder has never a solution to great wealth, as not all money is equal. What do I mean?

Still on John and Doe…


Earning Per Month: N70,000

Working days: 3 days a week


Earning Per Month: N150,000

Working days: 6 days a week

Which do you prefer?

Your dream to become a successful entrepreneur was not only to earn, but also for the freedom you will have.

You don’t want to give control of your life and time to making money.

If you sell your services online, you will think more clients equate more money. That’s not true.

Resist the temptation to work more at your own expense – Health, Time, and Joy.

And last, don’t forget to automate most of your work so you don’t keep doing the same thing again and again.

4. Take Good Care of Your Health

Working from home can be dangerous. If you are not conscious, you will experience one or two of these:

  • Bach ache from constantly sitting
  • Eyes problems from screen brightness
  • Repetitive Strain Injury from typing

You need to sleep great and wake up at a particular time. Your body needs enough sleep to function best.

One way to achieve this deep sleep is to avoid all screens at least an hour before you go to bed.

If you find it difficult to sleep, get an inspiration book (in paper format) and read. Before you know, you are off.

Regulate the temperature of your room if you can. Get thick cotton to help cover lights from windows.

If you can also get to shower before you sleep. It helps make your body cool and good for hygiene.

And when you wake, don’t forget to carry out some workout. It’s the best way to stay active.

5. Increase Your Productivity

Waking up to read emails and reply to text or chat is a good way to enter procrastination. And you know it kills your productivity.

Enter your power of productivity by breaking your works into bits.

Getting things done has never been about intensity but consistency.

Do a little at regular intervals and you will notice you have better work than he who wants to do all at once.

Another good reason for taking breaks is to help you pull out from your imagination so you see the work as it is. This will enhance more work flow and ideas in you.

For me, I recommend a 5-minute break for every 25 minutes of work.

There is a productivity chrome extension for that.

Eat nutritious food and stay away from junk. The closer your food is to the soil, the better.

In order of priority, I recommend you do work that requires more knowledge before others.

For example, if your duty for the day is to write and design a website.

If I am you, I will write first.

Designing is more fun and requires less formal knowledge like writing. Check what works well with you and apply it.

Make life easy for yourself by saying NO to anxiety and pressure. I tell you to live in the present and be grateful for it.

That you want to become a successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean you sit all day in front of the computer. Go out and have fun!

6. Upgrade your Tools and Looks

Henry Ford said

If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.

Get the best laptop for your digital marketing works.

Pay close attention to the battery (4 hours +), processor speed (2.5+) and screen display (1080 +)

Since you will type most times, I recommend external desktop keyboards. They are big and punchy enough than most laptops keyboards.

Keep your home office clean with fewer items on your table.

Also, upgrade your looks as much as you upgrade your tools.

I asked an uncle of mine, “Why do you buy this expensive car? I mean you don’t need it”

Him: Yes, I don’t need it for my personal life, but I need it most in the corporate business world.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Don’t you know with your appearance, clients conclude your pay. Imagine arriving at your office with this car. You won’t negotiate my price below what I want. AY, I have won many contracts this way.

That was an eye-opener to me that day.

You may not have your car (which you will soon) Amen. But you have your looks.

Look great to be great. You don’t need to spend much to become a successful entrepreneur.

Begin by removing every unprofessional clothing in your wardrobe. If you do, you will have time to take care of the good ones.

Dress for the successful entrepreneur you want to be tomorrow. Never underestimate the power of a clean-cut suit.

7. You can Earn More while Doing Less

My mum will always pray this prayer on me.

The work you will do less and earn more is what God will give you


You need to reduce your workload while still earning more.

Entrepreneurs feeding on clients’ pay are like employees working for a salary. While they have an employer, you have clients. Both are bosses.

A client wants you to complete his/her project in the shortest time possible with no regard for your plans.

Some clients will be rude and difficult to work with. Some find it difficult to pay you. Or may stop the work halfway.

And so you need to set up your work ethic and policies. Let them know about it.

The key way to simplify your life is to turn down clients’ work, not in alignment with your values.

You may lose the job too but you will have their respect and save yourself future crisis.

So how do you know the right clients? There is no perfect way.

But look at this conversation in your first meeting with a client.

You: I can help you convert better with your website.

Client: How much?

A RED flag!

When clients pay too much attention to the price at the very beginning of our discussion, it doesn’t end well.

A real client will talk first about values you offer. He/she may then go further to negotiate the price. But the value will always come first.

8. Specialise Your Offerings

If the work given to you is outside your field, say no to it. And refer to someone who can do it.

It will disappoint to think you can learn what it takes to get the work done. Don’t use your clients’ work to learn.

Someone called me a day requesting my service to write a business plan. I told him I don’t write as it is not my field. I then referred him to a business colleague who specialise in writing business plans.

It surprised the man. And he responded, “So, there are still truthful people living in this nation”

Is it I can’t write the business plan if I want to? No. Yet, no matter how I write, it can’t be as great as the one my friend will write.

Generalisation has eaten us deep in entrepreneurship that customers/clients cry to have quality work.

I recommend your niche in your expertise. Rather than being a digital marketer to all. Why not be a digital marketer to a specific industry?

9. Go Straight to Business

I made a mistake in the early days of working with clients. I allowed too much communication forgetting business is business.

Sometimes I will be on call with a client for 2 hours (I am serious) and in the end, the clients wouldn’t still pay.

I thought I could gain the client’s trust this way. But I was wrong.

Keep communication simple and straight to the point.

No family problem and personal discussion. If they need someone to talk to, they should go see a counselor.

All this is so you have more time and energy to the work that pays most.

Also, increase your value to increase your price. When you do this, you sieve out the unwanted clients.

Another way to keep the pressure low on you is to only promise what is in your control.

I can promise a client a website with a clean interface and fast speed. Both are within my control.

Promising a client that I can get his/her website to rank number 1 on Google in two weeks is no good. That’s unrealistic because the Google algorithm is not within my control.

Also promising a client 20 articles a week is no good for me because I know it’s beyond my capacity.

So make it clear what you do, and what you don’t do. Arrange these services in packages.

10. Get a Side Business or Job

I don’t support having your business as your only source of income, especially in the early stage.

If you do, you may soon turn needy to those who need you – your clients.

If you seem not to be having a lot of work to cater to your needs, get a side business or job. Yes, Job. Preferably part time.

You are taking a job for two reasons: to raise money for your business and to gain needed experience.

Which means getting a job related to your business is of significant benefit to you.

In conclusion to

I will end here…

As you have seen, to become a successful entrepreneur is more than learning SEO, Web design, and the rest.

This is the time to work on yourself and get your message out there. Start today!

Becoming a digital marketer requires you to be an excellent student and an action taker.

Those two can help you achieve your dream while you do less in a quick time.

Become the successful entrepreneur that others envy.

Now your turn…

What are your questions? I will be glad to answer you.

Thank You!

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