10 Legitimate Online Businesses that Pay Best in Nigeria.

Do you seek the latest online businesses in Nigeria that are genuine and profitable?

With this article, I have you covered.

Most Nigerians are working full time, and want a business they can start on the side with little money.

If this you;

I present you with the top internet business opportunities in Nigeria.

Online-business-ideas-and-opportunities-in-Nigeria 10 Legitimate Online Businesses that Pay Best in Nigeria.

List of Top Online Business Ideas in Nigeria


Affiliate Marketing

Website Designing

Sell Physical or Digital Products

Social Media Marketing

Content Writing


Social Media Influencer

SEO Specialist

Savings & Contributions.


One of Nigeria’s legitimate online business ideas with endless opportunities.

In case you wonder what blogging is.

Blogging is publishing certain content about a subject on a website.

Good content writing skills and search engine optimization will set you apart.

For you to become successful with blogging, you need to love what you do.

Because without passion, you will burn out and hate the blogging business.

Here is how to succeed with blogging:

  • Be careful not to treat your blog as a hobby, but as a business.
  • If you have a full-time job, don’t blog about general news, you won’t survive it.
  • Start with a tiny niche that doesn’t need an hourly or daily post.
  • Be yourself in writing. Don’t imitate or try to act in another bloggers’ manner.
  • Your first blog monetization should not be AdSense – you have little traffic.
  • Instead, sell a service that earns you money immediately.
  • Quality contents matter most in the early days of your blogging, not designs.
  • Start now, learn fast, and set your expectations right – knowing good things takes time.
  • I recommend WordPress as your online business platform. It’s easy and free.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the lucrative online business opportunities you can start in Nigeria.

Most top bloggers that make money online in Nigeria do so with affiliate marketing.

You may want to know what affiliate marketing is and how it works?

Affiliate marketing is an online business where you make money selling third-party products.

The company you are affiliating with will give you a unique link.

Then they pay you an agreed commission when someone buys via your link.

As a university student, I was affiliating with several companies in the state and Nigeria.

I was helping students and lecturers make orders online and was getting paid.

How to make daily income with an affiliate marketing business:

  • Only promote products or services you used yourself.
  • If you have a choice, choose percentage over the flat commission.
  • Don’t become aggressive in pushing affiliate links on your audience.
  • Avoid using affiliate links on social media, take them to your website.
  • To sell better with affiliate link, do a detailed review of the product.

Jumia, and QServers have affiliate programs that allow you to earn daily income.

Website Designing and Development

Best Online Business Ideas for the technology creatives

For web design and web development, I advised you to stick with one.

And, if I am to choose, it is web design.

My reason is near to the fact that web development takes more time to learn and energy to write.

It is best as a full-time business, not a source for side income.

Web design is the design of the graphics and visual elements of a website, writing no code.

Tochukwu enrolled in my web design class, which lasted a month.

Three days after I offered him his web design certificates, he got his first clients.

The client paid him N150K to design a simple website, which he (Tochukwu) completed in two days.

Web design is one of Nigeria’s profitable online business ideas.

To succeed with the web design business:

  • Get an expert to teach you, even if it’s on the weekend.
  • Besides web design, learn search engine optimization and email marketing.
  • Don’t wait to finish learning before you search for clients.
  • Only charge setup fee. Let the client buy their hosting and domain themselves. You will save yourself lots of headaches if you follow my advice.
  • Set aside at least one hour for learning and another for practicing every day. Else, you risk losing your knowledge of web design.

Sell Products Online

Part of my recommendation of online business ideas for full-time employees.

In most cases, I recommend selling fashionable wears like shoes, perfumes and more.

This is because they need little marketing and are easy to sell.

Also, don’t drop-ship now until you are ready to go full time.

Buy as many products as you can from your salary, use your house as a warehouse and sell them online.

Also, come to the office with some items – your boss may buy from you.

Let’s assume you go to work by 6 am and return at 6 pm.

You can always promote your products very early in the morning.

Or, better even on your way to the office.

Reply to orders during your lunch break and when returning home – assuming you are not driving.

To succeed with selling online:

  • Stick with one product and make a lot of gain before going to another.
  • Since you are starting part-time, don’t create a website yet – use social media.
  • Collect payment, and shipping addresses using PayStack or Flutterwave form.
  • Use the carousel mode when running your social media marketing campaign.
  • Run promotion and take orders on weekdays. Do delivery on weekends and holidays.
  • Link your Facebook ad page to your WhatsApp business, so you can answer from there.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Social Media Marketing

A lucrative business idea for creatives in Nigeria.

With over 5 billion people using social media today, you can’t lose with this business.

A lot of businesses rely on social media for their online visibility and sales.

You can help small businesses reach new customers and get more sales in a quick time.

How to succeed with social media marketing business:

  • Understand the difference between social media management and social media marketing.
  • Social media management involves daily posting and replying to comments on pages.
  • Social marketing involves promoting products or services on a social page.
  • I recommend marketing over management a hundred times.
  • Take professional fees and let client pay for marketing according to their budget.
  • Never use your personal account to run ads for businesses. Open another account for that use.

Content Writing

A profitable online business opportunity for almost anyone.

Last Saturday, I received a call from a friend asking to get her writing gigs.

When I ask her price, she said, “10K for a 500-word article.”

That’s cool.

So, imagine she writes one article for one hour each per working days.

She would make 50K per week as a side income.

And then what happens if she goes full time.

Students need project writing, and lecturers need a dissertation.

Entrepreneurs need business plan and job applicant needs CV/Resume writing.

Don’t allow your mind to limit you; there is money in writing.

To succeed with content writing:

  • Specialize with one type of writing. My friend only writes educational research papers.
  • At the beginning, don’t write over 500-word a day, so you don’t burn out.
  • It is best you write in the morning when all seems quiet, and you are still refreshed.
  • Write, Write and Write.

Consulting and Coaching

One of the top online business ideas in Nigeria for professionals.

People will always need help to:

  • Improve their nutrition
  • Become more fit
  • Live a worthy life
  • Get things done while doing less
  • Advance their career.
  • And many more.

If you sit to check within you, you will have an attribute no one else has.

There is something you do with ease but other struggles with.

When you discover it, start an online coaching business fast.

Also, your experience can be a trigger to starting a business in Nigeria. How?

Are you a recipient of any international scholarship – undergraduates or advanced?

If yes, be a scholarship guide to those looking to study abroad.

Do you have success with interviews and worked in different places?

If yes, offer to be a career coach helping people succeed with getting their dream job.

Are you experienced with business processes?

Help entrepreneurs win with services like business name registration, business plan writing, etc.

There is something you know that someone else needs.

Offer in form of audio, video and e-books and sell to them.

How to succeed with online coaching business ideas in Nigeria:

  • Start with one niche. I mean, focus on a particular problem you want to solve well.
  • Write blog contents relating to your field of expertise.
  • Teach with videos and upload to YouTube.
  • Have a set price, so potential clients don’t keep asking.
  • Be passionate about the success of your clients, and they will reward you.

Become a Social Media Influencer

One of the best business you can start with little or no money.

Social media is a becoming a must for everyone with smartphones.

And brands want to reach out to their targeted customers via this medium.

If you have large followings, then consider this your perfect choice.

As a social media influencer, you make money in different ways:

  • Adverts from top brands
  • Paid (sponsored) Post
  • Selling third-party products
  • Selling your own products.
  • Fans donating to you.

One thing you must know about becoming an influencer is you need not be a celebrity.

All celebrities are influencers, but not all influencers are celebrities.

Oluboba Ayodeji

But before companies approach you, there are certain things they check out.

  • They want to know you are someone credible with no past criminal records.
  • They check to see if your reliable and will keep to the terms of contract.
  • They also check how well does your audience engage with your articles.
  • They want to see if you are consistent with your posting.

How do you succeed as an influencer?

  • Start with the social media channel you understand best (very important).
  • Until you have 10K actual followers, you need not start another social accounts.
  • Post more of videos (at least 7 times in every 10 content).
  • Focus more on what your audience wants—they are the reason you are in the business.
  • Sign up on intellifluence to make money online promoting business in Nigeria.
  • Sometimes, do giveaways – but be careful, so your audience don’t abuse it.
  • Don’t make social media influencing your full-time business–too risky.

Become an SEO Specialist

An untapped business idea with few persons.

In Nigeria, we have a scarcity of SEO professionals.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It is optimizing pages to earn rankings, so they appear on the front page of SERPs.

I forecast soon, SEO specialists will be the biggest players in the industry.

This is because many can design a basic website, but few know how to get a website to the top.

Many can write articles, but few know how to optimize for search engines.

If you plan to start with this idea, you are on the right track.

The marketing industry needs you.

Entrepreneurs know the impact SEO has on their businesses-that makes you sought after.

How to succeed with this business idea:

  • You need exceptional knowledge in both technical and on-page SEO
  • Use more of LinkedIn for your marketing.
  • Be familiar with Google Ads and Analytics.
  • Understands how search engines work.
  • Work with a good content marketer.
  • Edit the writing afterward and optimize.
  • Ask for a least three months’ contract with clients–it takes this long to see results.

Savings & Contributions

Seems offline but still an online business opportunity in Nigeria.

By contributions, I mean Osusu or Ajo (Yoruba).

Helping people save their money while you also make money without stress.

Convince ten people to save with you–at least N10,000 per month.

Invest the money with reputable companies for at least 10% per annual return.

If you collect 10K from 10 persons per month, that makes 100K.

100K times 10-month gives us N1 million naira.

By year-end, return their money while you keep the interest in it.

To succeed with this online business idea:

  • Be in control of your life and content with what you have.
  • Lock the money in a one-year investment plan, where you don’t have access until maturity.
  • Never disclose the investment company you are using.
  • Ask for 1% of their savings with you at the end of the year.
  • Keep your mind open to prosperity.

FAQs on Online Business Ideas in Nigeria

Online Business Opportunities in Nigeria: The Conclusion

Your salary is not enough to pay for your expenses.

So, you need an extra source of income.

You are busy at work should not make you neglect your future.

It is my prayer you become a success with this list of online business ideas in Nigeria.