Akinseinde David
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Savings In Nigeria: How You Can Save & Spend Wisely
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It is not surprising that in the current Nigerian economy, we cannot totally depend on salary alone ( that’s even if the salary is dependable). And it is sad that so many people live directly on their salary, have no backup plan and love to ‘chop life’. It’s not but essential for us to be

Ajó vs Esúsú: Which Saving Is Best For You?
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“Ori e pé bi alajo Somolu”, is a very common phrase in Lagos Nigeria and many of the people that grew up in this part of the country don’t even know the meaning of this phrase. Late Pa Alphaeus Taiwo Olunaike, popularly known as Alajo Somolu, was so famous for his ingenuity in thrift collection,

Religious World: Beautiful Chaos
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You were born into this world, into a certain belief, into a certain culture, into a certain practice that has shaped your life. As you grow, you begin to learn or rather say look for facts, ideas, or statistics to either support your beliefs or debunk them. We are just trying to be less correct

ASUU Strike Update: History & Reasons For The Strike
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Just finished a two-hour lecture in a sweaty, no air condition, poorly projected noisy lecture theatre hall, tired and frustrated. As a means just to ease the frustration, I decided to put on my phone just for me to see the trending headline “ASUU IS ON STRIKE.” Is ASUU on strike again?? Burna’s line in

Lagos Crime Zamfara Verdict: Sharia law
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A notification pops up “Former Zamfara governor and presidential aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Sani Yerima, says he did nothing wrong marrying a 13-year-old Egyptian girl.”, clicked it to read. I then began to wonder, why is it not trending at all. The Chrisland case where a 12-year child was recording themselves having

Religious Concept of Divorce
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Oscar Wilde once said, If your divorce thrills you—you’re on the right track! What then is the religious concept of it? I’d try and cover most or all religious concepts of divorce in Nigeria as a country, and even countries which share the same beliefs as Nigeria. For us to adequately talk about divorce, something