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My name is Lydia and I am a mental health advocate and writer. I am passionate about breaking the stigma and educating others on the importance of their mental well-being.
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4 Causes Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
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Despite extensive research, scientists have not been able to determine a single cause of generalized anxiety disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a mental health condition that refers to excessive, persistent and often uncontrollable worry or anxiety about everyday events and activities leading to significant distress, ranging from loss of joy to depression and sometimes suicidal

3 Types Of Anxiety Disorder And Treatment
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This article makes a connection between anxiety disorder, types, symptoms and treatment for total cure. Learn More…

How To Manage Stress In 5 Easy Steps
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In my last article, I mentioned that stress is one of the many causes of mental health. In today’s article, we are going to learn about the meaning of stress, its types, and the effect on our mental health. Of course, we know that it’s impossible to be alive and completely stress-free. So, in this

What Is The Meaning Of Mental Health?
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“What is the meaning of mental health?”, a friend asked. Mental health involves the emotional, psychological and social well-being of an individual. As the name implies, it is related to our mind – how we think, feel and react to issues. From childhood to adolescence and adulthood, the importance of stable mental health has to