Stop calling for Nigeria’s break-up – Cleric warns

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, Most Revd Peter Odetoyinbo, has called on those agitating for the disintegration of Nigeria to jettison the idea.

Rather, the cleric suggested that they should work for the unity, progress and development of the nation under one indivisible entity.

Odetoyinbo condemned in its totality, the threat that some Nigerians should vacate a region, saying Nigerians can co-habit in any region of choice if peace is given a chance.

The Bishop in his Easter message maintained that “the calls for the disintegration of the country or secession by some nationalists in the name of restructuring must be re-evaluated, particularly when it is tainted with hate and resentment.”

According to him, the right of every Nigerian to live wherever they like should be exercised with respect for the rights of other citizens and the constitutional provisions of the government.”

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