10 Scholarship Opportunities That Helps You Study Abroad

Do you know that accessing and utilizing scholarship opportunities is a sure way to smash your academic goal of studying abroad?

Are you passionate to advance your education but lacks the finances to do so? I’m creating this article specifically with you in mind.

In pursuing your dream of studying abroad, you can face the challenge of how to finance your studies.

Amongst the many funding options available to study abroad, scholarship opportunities have remained the most accessible.

Imagine your study expenses being taken care of without repaying a dime. This is the biggest advantage of studying abroad using a scholarship.


Instead of seeking study abroad loans, you can seek scholarship opportunities in your chosen school of study, country, and program.

The difference between a scholarship and a study loan is that you don’t need to repay the scholarship, but you must repay the study loans alongside its interest.

This is the reason it is more advisable to apply for a scholarship rather than seek loans.

So, let’s look at the ten overall best study abroad scholarship opportunities for Nigerians.

1. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening scholarship is one of the best fully funded scholarship opportunities for Nigerians to study abroad.

The UK government provides it for international students to study a year’s master’s degree program in the UK.

To get this scholarship, you need to meet the requirements of:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree,
  • At least two years of work experience,
  • Application to 3 different collaborating universities in the UK.
  • Admission to one of the partnering UK universities to receive the scholarship award.

The scholarship covers your tuition, living costs, flight expenses, and stipend.

Here is a list of the best UK postgraduate scholarships to advance your studies.

2. Government of Canada Scholarship

Among many abroad scholarship opportunities, the Government of Canada scholarship is available to Nigerians for both study and research purposes.

If you don’t mind travelling to an environment with cold climatic conditions, you can choose to go to Canada.

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The Government of Canada scholarship covers either undergraduate or postgraduate study.


You can use the scholarship to finance your travel expenses, Visa, tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, and stationeries.

At the end of your study in Canada, they mandate you to return to your home country.

3. Radboud Study Abroad Scholarship

You can apply for this scholarship, if you want to study in Europe, precisely in the Netherlands.

The University of Radboud offers this partial scholarship to its academically outstanding students to study an English-taught one-year master’s program in specific fields.

Radboud scholarship comes with a drastic reduction in your tuition fees.

Aside from your tuition, the scholarship covers your visa, health and liability insurance, and residence permit.

However, the scholarship does not cover living and studying expenses for your stay in the Netherlands.

Are you a Nigerian seeking to begin your master’s program in Europe? You can apply for a Radboud study abroad scholarship.

They cover some of the best study abroad programs.

4. MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

Partnering with universities across the globe, the Mastercard Foundation provides scholarships for your undergraduate or graduate study.

You can only apply for the scholarship through any of the partnering universities. Some collaborating schools require that you pay an application fee.

Nevertheless, you are paid back the application fee, if you are finally awarded the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.

Remember that you can apply to as many schools as possible.

To receive the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Award, you must meet the requirements:

  • Recommendation letters,
  • English test scores,
  • Academic essays, and
  • Required documents

5. SBW Berlin Scholarship

SBW Berlin scholarship provides an avenue for you to pursue your master’s or doctorate program in Germany.


The scholarship supports you if your focus is on voluntary social work in your country.

SBW Berlin scholarship is fully funded to take care of your tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses.

6. DAAD Scholarship

With a wide range of grant options, the DAAD scholarship present one of the best opportunities for Nigerians to study abroad.

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Notwithstanding that the DAAD scholarship does not cover tuition fees, it has financial coverage for numerous expenses.

This financial coverage includes:

  • Accommodation and health insurance,
  • A German language course allowance,
  • TestDAF fee repayment,
  • Travel costs and monthly stipends.

Awarding the DAAD scholarship is dependent on your excellent academic record, relevant work experiences, and participation in extracurricular activities.

The scholarship covers a maximum of two years of study.

7. Fulbright Scholarship

As an international student from Nigeria, you are eligible to apply for a Fulbright doctoral scholarship.

With this scholarship, you can choose to research in the US.

The grant covers a lot of expenses including:

  • Accommodation and settling-in allowance,
  • Stationery and computer allowance,
  • Travel fare and health insurance, and
  • A monthly stipend.

An outstanding academic achievement and a strong proposal are all you need to get this scholarship.

8. Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship

Whether you are applying for bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral programs, the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship supports your academic journey.

This scholarship enables you to study English-taught programs at specific Universities in Hungary, Europe.

Applying for a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship requires that you apply through their sending partner agencies at no cost.

This scholarship is fully funded but does not cover all programs.


Stipendium Hungaricum is one of the best undergraduate scholarships for Nigerians to study abroad.

9. CIEE Scholarship

CIEE offers different scholarships and grants depending on need, academic achievement, and other funding needs.

The sole aim of CIEE is to finance your study abroad.

You have to write an essay and complete your application for you to stand a chance to get this scholarship.

CIEE also provides information on study abroad programs in different countries that are eligible for their scholarship.

10. International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Scholarship

The University of Oregon (UO) USA provides ICSP scholarships for international students.

Be it as a new or old international student, you can apply for this scholarship for the waiver of your tuition fees.

As a prospective student, you are expected to apply for admission and after a week apply for the scholarship.

As part of the eligibility criteria, you need:

  • Admission into the University of Oregon,
  • Participate actively in cultural activities,
  • Have excellent academic records, and
  • Demonstrate the need for the scholarship.
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How To Study Abroad with Scholarships

To apply and study abroad with any of these scholarship opportunities is not a walk in the park. It needs your time and effort to get results.

To help you with a seamless journey on how to study abroad with a scholarship, I have compiled this list for you.

  • Research for schools that are partnering with scholarship bodies in your country of choice.
  • Check out the school and program’s eligibility criteria and requirements.
  • Further streamline the schools, removing those schools that you couldn’t meet their criteria.
  • Apply for admission to the selected academic institutions through the application form on the website.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • Pay for the application fee (if there is any) and submit before the deadline.

From the application timeline, you can now wait for feedback on the next step to take.

If you are qualified for the scholarship, you will receive an email with an offer letter to either accept or reject.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Study Abroad Scholarship?

    A study abroad scholarship is funding that takes care of your study in a foreign country. It is the financial assistance given to students to aid them cater for their academic needs.

  • What do I need to get a scholarship to study abroad?

    To get a scholarship to study abroad, you need your recommendation letter, transcripts, Standardized tests, and essay.

  • What are scholarship opportunities available to study abroad?

    As a student, you can study abroad using the following scholarship opportunities: Government of Canada, Radboud, DAAD, CIEE, Fulbright, and Chevening scholarship.


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