TECNO’s Blue Valentine Delivered on Its Generous Promises

For some weird reason, this year’s Valentine came with a bigger buzz than it usually does.

Everyone everywhere was talking about Valentine days before it actually arrived; what they would get, what they shouldn’t be given, whether or not they were going to get anything.

Without a doubt, Valentine’s day is a big deal all over the world.

It is a day for lovers to celebrate and flaunt their love while the singles offered up numerous “God when” petitions.

No wonder brands worth their salts joined their fans in marking the day.

This year, TECNO played the ultimate lover to its fans, serenading them with lots of gifts and cash to the tune of 2 Million.

The smartphone brand called for Nigerian couples in romantic relationships to tell their love stories.

Nigerians from all over heeded that call wonderfully.

Numerous couples shared beautiful stories that made us smile sweetly.

They recorded interactive videos with their partners telling us how old their love journey is, their…

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