The Present Timeliness of the National Conference, By Eric Teniola

I am sure that statement was made in error. His critics charged that the statement was overbearing and disdainful. We are told everyday that no knowledge is lost. Marie Julie Romney wrote that “no knowledge is lost, only sheathed in a sea of perfectly complacent heedless things”. Bipin Kumor G. J. added that “seek the knowledge, and everything else will find the way to you”. The statement drove away some people with genuine intentions who may have wished to give advice to President Buhari’s government. The statement gave an impression further that the President will not seek advice from anyone. A government like any organization requires collective leadership.

A common mistake leaders do is to act and behave that leadership is not a team sport like rugby or netball or football.

True collective leadership is what happens when several capable people with complementary strengths and competencies, sharing common high values and…


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