The Technology Revolution’s Continuing Threat To the Workplace, By Uddin Ifeanyi

One unintended consequence of remote work is its aggravation of the divide between white collar and blue collar work. As the rise of demagogues in the West attest, the unequal apportioning of the productivity and efficiency gains from the changing context and content of work over the last two decades ― the process of “globalisation”, if any one word could encapsulate this ― had done a good job already of endangering blue collar work. Each new iteration of existing technologies promising to make unskilled work extinct, even. But, in one way, at least, those “left behind” by the rapid economic gains advertised under the rubric of “globalisation”, have managed to put in their response. Their political champions threaten both the economic circumstances that have left them stranded economically and the political integuments within which this is taking place. The emergence of the notion of “illiberal democracy”…


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