The unwinning war? The Parliament invitation to the Nigerian Army

By Jimoh Ibrahim

Professor Matthias Strohn Camberley’s desire of the military discussion opened the unpredicted paranoia ‘black box’ to inside the military and its operational strategy that left nothing to kept of the ethics and the pride of the Army even on the war front.

When he said, “to stay within the Military realm, the conceptual component of fighting power can only be enhanced if we engage intellectually with the problems present.” (Matthias himself holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford, Germany General and faculty member of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst) saw that the contemporary military must start to get used to civil society’s open encounters if the military solves civil society’s problems of human insecurity,

The Army must now critically be prepared to open its books to non-accountants, including those who study history, law, or geography, once they make a member of the…


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