The Wakili wake-up call

By Segun Ige

After the mild unrest of schoolboys and schoolgirls in the North, typically the same narrative of banditry and terrorism is fast beginning to surface in the South West of the federation.

It’s clear that this zone itself has been silently suffering from killers and kidnappers. It’s a done deal that it’s not only the North that has exclusively been experiencing mutating monopolisation, after all, especially with the wake of Iskilu Wakili in the growing discourse of insecurity in the polity.

It was on Sunday, March 7 that Wakili was reported to have been apprehended. It has been speculated that Wakili has been an ardent and adherent opposition Fulani figure wreaking havoc in Oyo State, a warmonger, fomenting outrageous acts that narrowly suck breath out of men and women. These bad pictures, really, are subtle reminders of how, on the one hand, brazen brigands continue to bull innocent souls in the…


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