To Fix Nigerian Politics, Political Parties Must Embrace the Popularity Principle, By Jibrin Ibrahim

Indeed, one of the greatest problems for Nigeria’s democracy is that honest, competent and sincere people are often afraid of going into politics, leaving the arena to their opposites. Some people of goodwill who have been persuaded to go into politics to make their contribution to developing their communities, on most occasions get a nasty experience and run away from politics forever. I like my friend Oby Ezekwesili, she is totally crazy. She went into politics, had a terrible experience and what does she do, rather than run away forever, she sets up a School of Politics to Fix Nigerian Politics. Her logic is simple, since she is convinced that there is nothing wrong with her, there must be something wrong with our politics she decides to fix it. One of the things I will be telling students of the school, which opens this month is that our political parties, almost all of them, are rotten and it is not possible to operate…


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