Chiiiiaaaarrp!!! was what I heard on my hair.

I had just come back from the Sunday service that fateful afternoon and had decided to get to the salon to have a little change of look.

On getting in Madam Monica the hair stylist was around with her friend gisting and having a good time.

‘Aunty, good afternoon, welcome….wetin you wan do? she greeted

“I want to wash and weeve only my hair all back”

‘’Okay, come sidon’’ she beaconed.

Then her friend continued with the gist while she made for the comb.

Thrusting the comb just at the root of my hair, she forcefully pulled it upward as I screamed.


She happily responded ‘sorry’…

She did that for the second, third..time while I endured the pain understanding my 4yr old virgin hair.

Though this was the highest pain I have had since my hair transition into the virgin land, until the sixth time…

This time around she almost lifted me up from my sitted position with the comb🥵.

‘Chiiiiaaaaarr!!!’was what I heard in my hair😫.

The comb couldn’t withstand the force and my weight and had broken, breaking my hair alongside that, I angrily screamed.

“ah ah madam, you want to kill me?”

She still smiled and happily echoed, “sorry, sorry”.

Now this “sorry” word got me even angrier. I’m very sure she could see it on my face from the mirror.

Was she just saying it or she meant it?. I certainly know she didn’t. Why was she even smiling?. This is mere wickedness. Did she know me before??.

How could she be so cruel?. My hair has never been this maltreated before.

Was I still going to pay this old lady if I finally made my hair with her for being maltreated this way?. Little wonder there wasn’t any customer when I came in.

ASUU was on strike, so I just visited my big sister. I was new to this area.

Trying to avoid trouble for myself and between my sister and anyone, l swallowed the pain and tried very hard to stop my tears from rolling down my cheek.

‘’I’m not doing again. How much is your money?’’. I asked calmly.

I never believed I could be this composed, even in the heat of that anger. It was on my way home I started acting drama in my mind of how I would have vetted my frustration on her😆…

“why na’’ she asked, looking at my already red face.

In my mind ‘why kee you there😠’, I didn’t mutter another word, anyway.

‘As I never plait you na, just go,’ she finally uttered as I quickly left while they both moped at me.

That evening, I had a severe headache. My sister had to get me a pain relief from the nearest pharmacy.

This is what my gender go through to stay beautiful and neat ‘sometimes’ for the other gender😏.

Well, I managed my hair for days and then week. At this point, I needed to have my hair made but was still scared of having a similar encounter as with Lady Monica. Who can I rely on now?

My sister to the rescue!

She introduced me to Tonia and with much persuasion; I agreed to give her a try, but still with much fear.

At Tonia’s beauty palace, they gave me a somewhat royal treatment for my hair-care need. Little wonder it is a ‘palace’, I had thought.

When I got in, I was given a warm welcome by her many apprentices. As I begged she handled my hair herself when I was done narrating my previous ordeal to her.

On a start, she combed my already curled virgin hair carefully as if it was her own hair right from the tip and down to the bottom in little portions until she was done with the whole hair. I was amazed.

My seemly ‘un-combable’ virgin hair for madam Monica was well combed, leaving me in little or no pains with beautifully styled hair.

Not just that, she ran a quick and quite satisfying service with passion and much empathy that I had never imagined and I was home in a short while to watch my favorite TV series, in happy mood.

Yes, I loved my hair-do, and it was admired by everyone. Most people actually trooped in to have a similar style at Tonia’s.

Tonia also introduced me to some hair-care products I could use to enjoy my natural hair without encountering difficulty and gave me some tips on how to help myself with my hair when I’m unable to visit her salon.

This was too much for the money she was asking.

I will certainly visit again.

You should visit her too.

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