Tribute to Innocent Chukwuma (1966 – 2021)

Innocent Chukwuma
By Atedo Peterside

I was always struck by the fact that our mutual friends and associates assumed that Innocent Chukwuma and I had known each other for a very long time. In reality, our paths only crossed for the first time around 2014.

I was a late addition to an email chat group that Innocent and a few other friends belonged to and so I first got to meet Innocent through the views he expressed on important national issues before I met the man in real life. Ours was therefore essentially a virtual interaction which metamorphosed into a real life engagement.

What brought Innocent and I together therefore was the power of his written ideas and his penchant for analysing complex national problems honestly and sincerely. It was also about the depth and quality of his insights. I loved reading Innocent’s emails because they were overflowing with remarkable insights and dotted with subtle hints regarding the best way…


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