4 Most Dangerous Types of Fear, Symptoms and How to Overcome

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Fear can be tormenting and destroying. It has neither friends nor relatives. Anyone who falls victim to its traps denies a successful life.


I wouldn’t forget my early years in the university, I was fearful of almost everything. It took a great amount of help from mentors and knowledge before I overcame it. Today, it is a thing of the past.

This article talks about types of fear, their symptoms, and how to overcome them. They are the fear of poverty, criticism, sickness, and loss of loved ones.

And so I want to share with you certain symptoms you will notice when you have fear in you and its types. So when you see one, you quickly deal with it before it grows a monster in you.

For easy reading and understanding, I have broken them down into fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, and rejection.

Let’s Begin…

Fear of Poverty

You have the mindset of “Anyhow it is, let it be.” You show yourself to tolerate poverty and welcome mediocrity.

The lack of ambition and vision amplifies the fear of poverty. You plan to charge your phone before it goes off. But never will plan your finance before you run out.

Symptoms of Fear of Poverty.


You are neither hot nor cold. Definitely, life will spit you out. Be careful when you avoid taking a stand and hopes on others do the work for you. You have ideas all written in books but never in actions. You are always waiting for the perfect time.


The more your excuses about life, the more your doubt. You enforce doubt about your ability whenever you envy and criticize those who are ahead of you (successful). When someone shows you opportunities and even the results, you doubt if it is true. This is a big symptom of poverty.


Are you the type that finds fault in others? Sure, you will live your life in worry. If you are worried about finance, it is a sign you are afraid you are spending too much or not making enough which in turn will promote poverty.

Over Cautious:

If you are always looking for loopholes in opportunities instead of focusing on what is needful, you will end up poor. You ask all the time, “What if this business crash?” You only remember people who failed in the business, not those who succeeded.

I am not saying you don’t prepare for the worst but work with the best in mind. When you try to be too careful, you allow indecision. And when you don’t decide you give out your earning power.


Always leaving till tomorrow what you can do today. Have you forgotten, “Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week”? You waste so much mental energy deciding how to push the work till tomorrow; when you could have used the same energy to start the work even if not completed.

How to Overcome Fear of Poverty

Wealth starts with the mind. Until your mind is reformed, your bank accounts cannot. Understand God has created all things for your good. It is left for you to think abundance and work into it.

Most times, whatever you are afraid of doing therein lays your riches. Go speak to those clients. Go announce your products to the groups. Get a digital marketer to promote your business and you will be amazed how quickly you can make successful sales.

Fear of Criticism

Criticism is one form of service everyone has too much. Your relatives, neighbours, and friends will be the worst offenders in this.

I remember as a young boy in his teenage, I find it challenging to wear good clothes. The reason is, I don’t want to look different – fear of criticism.

The fear of criticism robs you of your initiative, destroys your power of imagination, hunts down your individuality, and takes away your self-reliance. When you see it, run away for it is no friend of yours.

Let’s see some of its symptoms.

Symptoms of Fear of Criticism.


You are timid and your voice is always breaking when addressing an audience. Also, you are afraid to make new friends. You find it difficult to look someone in the eyes and crown it all you have a bad body posture.

Unstable Personality:

You are lacking firmness in decision-making and the ability to express opinions definitely. You are always running away from challenges instead of facing them. You agree to everything people request of you even when it is not favourable.

Inferiority Complex:

You cover up your weaknesses and fears with much talking and unnecessary activities. You want to speak like others, dress like them, and walk like them. Sometimes you boast of your past success as a way to gain superiority.


You have no plans and still lack vision. You spend beyond your income and cover up your wrongs with, “My God will provide”. It seems you forgot God will not commit millions into the hands of him who cannot manage thousands.

Lack of Ambition

He who lacks ambition will always be lazy both mental and physical. The fear of criticism denies you the dreams of tomorrow. You lose the will to do anything worthwhile and instead stick to your constant daily repetitions.

How to Overcome Fear of Criticism

It is surprising how we deny ourselves the good life because we don’t want to be criticized.

Today, I can tell you looking different is my thing. Because if you are like everyone else, what then is your uniqueness? What makes you who you are?

If you are poor, people will criticize you. If you are rich, they will still talk. Why not become wealthy and feed them when they are done talking.

I also remembered in my teen, I found it hard to walk past people. I will always look back to see if they are looking at my bow leg and making jest of me.

Today, those things don’t matter. I would rather be criticized than live my life to please others.

You can’t read or do anything academics at home because of your roommates. Those friends, they don’t matter.

You can’t pray or attend church because your neighbour would talk. Those neighbours, they don’t matter.

You can’t be yourself and express your being because of what people will say. Those people, they don’t matter.

Don’t try to fit in, let them fit in. Get over the opinions of men and live your life. Be who you are and express your uniqueness.

Don’t do things because others want you to. No! Do it because you know it is the right thing to do.

Be bold and let the world see your good works that they may glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Fear of Sickness

Study shows that 75 percent of people who visit physicians for professional services are suffering from imaginary illness.

It has been proven over time that the fear of disease even where there is none produces physical symptoms of the disease feared. Ebola and Covid-19 are case studies.

Symptoms of Fear of Sickness

Auto Suggestions:

You are always talking to others about operations, accidents, and other forms of illness. You spend most of your day looking out for all kinds of diseases in your body.


It is the habit of self-talking illness. This arises as a result of negative thinking. It is the concentration of the mind and its expectation on disease. This type of person spends much time preparing for sickness, talking about death, saving money for cemetery and burial expenses.


This is a habit of claiming to be sick to cover up laziness. You use imaginary illness as the lure. Teenagers do this a lot if they don’t want to go to school.

How to Overcome Fear of Sickness

There is a story of a young man who landed on the hospital bed in a state of life and death as a result of disappointments in love.

The doctor knowing his problem was more of an imaginary illness placed him under the care of a charming young woman. The lady showed him intense care from the first day of her arrival at the unit.

Three weeks later, the patient was discharged from the hospital and both were later married.

This shows how love can be used to overcome the fear of sickness. Show yourself some love so you don’t have to wait for a lady to give you at the hospital bed.

You need not be afraid of sickness. Eat green foods, sleep eight hours and go exercising are the three major core of a healthy life.

Fear of Loss of Loved One

This fear is so painful and damaging that it can lead to permanent mental disorder. Study shows that women are more vulnerable to this type of fear than men. Here is why:

Women have learned from experience that men are polygamous by nature that they are not to be trusted in the hands of rivals. This brings its symptoms.

Symptoms of Fear of Loss of Loved One


You are suspicious of your partner without any justifiable proof to back up your assumptions. Sometimes you accuse your partner of infidelity without grounds. A friend just broke up with her man for this reason.

Fault Finding:

You are in the habit of finding faults with friends, relatives, business associates, and partners upon any little mistakes. You act as though your own life is perfect.

Illegal Vices:

You gamble, steal, cheat or take illegal means to make money and give to loved ones with the belief that love can be brought. And some other time, you spend too much even down to borrowing to buy unnecessary gifts for loved ones.

How to Overcome Fear of Loss of Loved One

You need first receive the love from God, proceed to love yourself, and extend this love to someone else.

When you give love in all purity, the receiver returns more love to you in ways you never expect.

Learn to love yourself first. Treat yourself like the royal that you are.

I trust this article, types of fear, symptoms, and how to overcome, meets you well. You can share with friends. Thank you.

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