What is Happiness? Unleash 5 Ways To Be Happy With Yourself.

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Be sincere, are you happy? When last do found yourself drown in the pool of happiness?

If you want to fulfill destiny, then your happiness is key. Being happy with yourself helps you live above limitation. It gives you the energy to live your dream again and always.

It’s sad that majority are not happy. People are feeling worse than ever in history.

Are you part of those spreading negative emotions and hates everywhere? Do you feel sad most times for no good reasons?

It took me a long time to understand the danger of not being happy with oneself.

I was full of envy and jealousy. I craved for what belonged to others. To me, mine was never enough.

But thank God, who is God. And that’s why I am here to help you (If you need my help).

In this article, you will learn:

  • What it means to be happy and the actual definition of happiness.
  • Why it is important to be happy and its benefits to all areas of your life.
  • How to be happy with yourself and life.

Let’s begin…

What Is Happiness?

Scholars and Philosophers have many definitions of happiness backed up with research and facts.

Let’s check out some

James Clear defines happiness as the ability to not want more; to find gratitude and satisfaction in the moment that you have right now.

The English Dictionary, Vocabulary defines happiness as the feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile. It went further to say it’s the opposite of sadness.

And last, Wikipedia claims happiness relates to two factors :

  • Your current feeling of an emotion such as pleasure.
  • Your satisfaction of life, such as the quality of life.

All these definitions are outstanding. They authors have written as it is perfect to them.

That you are cheerful about something does not still make you a happy person.

If I buy you the latest Ferrari, you might be happy. If I give same car to someone else, he may not say more than thank you or even reject it.

What does this tell you?

Happiness differs with humans. Happiness is personal. What makes you happy may cause sorrow to the other.

You might feel good adding sugar to tea. But same sugar is curse to a diabetic patient.

Happiness is doing what you want with the whom you love when you want it. It’s a state (and not a stage) of knowing that all is well with you.

Your present situations may not seem happy. It is knowing that all is well with you.

You have the perfect definition of happiness. Define yours today.

The Importance of Being Happy

You have nothing to lose by being happy with yourself. It enhances your performance in all areas of life – this is the desire of God for you.

When you become happy;

  • You will perform better with more positive reviews than your counterpart
  •  People will want to favour you for your positive energy.
  • Friends and families want to come close to you because they know happiness is contagious.
  • You will become healthy and immune against diseases. (Laughter is medicine to the soul).
  • Your relationship is going to be fun and outstanding.

Your happiness is important if you want to live a worthy life. The happier you are, the better your life.

How to be Happy with Yourself, People and Life

I will share with you how you can live a life of happiness. I encourage you to put these habits into practice.

  • Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

A big of this generation is that we compare our;

  • Lives with others
  • Possession with others
  • Families with others
  • Success with others
  • Beauty with others
  • Everything with others.

If they have more than you, you become envious. If we have more than them, you fake happiness.

We don’t stop comparing at the office or school. We take it everywhere (home, church).

You can’t have time to improve on yourself if all you do is comparing. Thus you lose your self-confidence.

Comparison will make you pay less attention to your strengths… Focusing more on your weakness.

You will become impatient. You are always in a hurry to beat those who don’t even notice you.

While in school, once a student stand to submit, others will follow. When results are out, we then see who finished before submitting.

You compare your life on social media. Yet you complain you are not happy. What else do you expect?

  • Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You don’t have mates.
  • Don’t compare your children. Every child is unique.
  • Don’t compare your relationship, you cannot see another like your partner.

If you want to be happy, stop comparing. Start celebrating yourself.

  • Kill your Expectations of Others

Do you live life waiting and expecting? Do you expect people to act the way you want?

You get disappointed because of your expectations, and so you are not happy.

It’s okay to make a request as long as you don’t depend on it. Unlike humans, God will not cut short your expectations.

While they may be things outside your control, your happiness should be in your control.

If you don’t define your expectations in relationships, it will cost you your happiness. You will keep expecting your partner to make you happy.

Being the pilot of your life is important to your happiness.

  • Start Saying NO

Because most things don’t matter.

There is time for everything as seen in Ecclesiastes chapter three.

If you say YES to all, you will get stressed up. Have you seen a stressed, happy man? You can’t be everywhere – everywhere is nowhere.

You must say NO to the unwanted if you truly want to be happy. And when you say NO, don’t feel guilty – it’s part of the process.

When someone present you an offer.

If you are not interested, politely say NO. Rather than doing it complaining.

Also, understand that not all good things are good for you. What do I mean?

It’s easy to say No to a party invite than a church invite. Because you might feel guilty rejecting an invitation to God’s house.

A friend invited me for a church program happening same time I planned writing. I declined.

Not because I don’t want to. I will rather say No than to be there checking the time to leave because of my plans for the day.

In my first year, I said YES to everything that came my way.

I was active in 3 religious fellowships, 6 businesses and more. I am always moving from one meeting to the other.

I was also the chief chef where I stayed. So, I have to decide what the house will eat and who will cook.

I became stressed and always tired. I complained, murmured, and was not happy with myself.

Little did I know that a brother (in the same house where I live) had been observing me.

He then called me one day and said, “If you don’t stop your saying YES to all, you will soon die young. You are not happy because you look stressed.”

Those statements may be harsh, but I knew it was the truth. Don’t wait till some tell you that. Advice yourself now that you can.

Everywhere is nowhere.

Also, when you say No, don’t start explaining why. It’s of no use. Say No and move on.

Some may even hype you with words like…

You are the most intelligent among them. You are more experienced. You are the best for the job and more.

Thank them for their praises and still tell them NO in gentle manners.

Don’t please people at the expense of your happiness. What you don’t want, you don’t want.

Remember, you are not saying NO for mere sake. Be sure to have good reasons.

They can steal your happiness with activities and request. So, keep them away by saying NO.

  • Take Good Care of Yourself.

People become more happy after an exercise or sport because of a chemical released. The chemical is Endorphins.

Endorphins are chemicals released by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress. They are the “feel-good” chemicals that act as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

Exercise is a great way to release these chemicals.

If you want to be happy, you must take care of your body and mind. They work hand in hand.

Get enough night sleep (I recommend 8-9 hours). This will help regain your lost energy.

I become more energetic after my morning exercises (especially days of jogging).

Also, be careful what you put into the body. I mean the foods and drinks you take.

Do you know sugary foods make you tired? Do you know they increase your risk of depression?

I recommend you take more of natural fruits, vegetables and proteins.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you stand the risk of losing your happiness.

When you are healthy, you will be happy.

  • Show Care and Stay Connected

Do you know you become happy when you care for others? You derive a sense of satisfaction.

If all you thought centre on you, then all you notice are your perceived problems.

It easy to be happy when you extend a hand of love to someone.

You will have no fears, no worries, no sorrows and no doubts. You will see life through the lens of others therefore making you grateful.

Try to know the needs of those around you and how you can be of help. Ask them questions. Let them know you care.

When the people you care about are happy, you also will be happy. The saying, “What goes around comes around”, comes true.

Give when you can. Share what you have. Volunteer if need arise.

Being spiritually connected can also help to increase your happiness because of the love from above.

Spend sometime alone every day communicating with God. Place on him your burdens and challenges and he will give you rest as promised.

Don’t do the mistake of thinking your time with God is a waste. Else, you add to your unhappiness.

In him alone, you can have everlasting happiness.

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