Self Confidence: How to Build Up the Courage You Need to Succeed in Life

a self coonfidence courageous executive man in business suit

Do you know the one quality that most successful and powerful people in the world have in common? The one factor that makes them stand out from the masses?

It is their ability to act with courage despite the troubles around.

You can see this exceptional quality in the likes of…

There is no better time to boost up your self-confidence than now. Now is the time to maximize the gifts of God in you.

If you don’t want to waste more years living below your wish, then you should pay attention to what I will teach you here.

This is your powerful guide to building self-confidence tips and succeeding in anything.

Through this article, you will discover how through the power of self-confidence how you can:

  • Feel hopeful in helpless situations.
  • Avoid getting lost and confused about what to do with your life.
  • Live above inferiority complex among friends and families.
  • Be courageous to demand what you deserve.

If this is you… It’s okay! I have been that way before.

Keep reading to get the help you need…

You will learn how to build your self-confidence to achieve the greatest results in all that matters to you. Many have applied these strategies, and it has worked for them.

Note: I will use courage and self-confidence interchangeably. I believe they mean same.

Let’s begin…

What is Self Confidence?

“A belief in yourself is a belief in God. And I have never heard God failed.”– Oluboba Ayodeji.

Self confidence is the complete trust in one’s ability to succeed in a thing.

It’s having I CAN DO IT mindset – an accelerator to unlocking your destiny.

  • Self-confidence helps you accept your mistakes and move on with no feeling of guilt.
  • It allows you to spot opportunities and take hold of it in a quick time.
  • It overrules fears and place in you an undeniable faith.
  • It gives you the assurance that all is well.

Your self-confidence does not start today. It started the very day you were born with major influence from your parents and environment.

Yet, there is no better time than now to approach life with full courage so you possess your possession.

What Self Confidence Is Not?

As you exercise your courage, there is a level you must be careful of. And that’s being overconfident.

I will share with you 7 differences between having self-confidence and being overconfident.

  1. Self-confidence allows you to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. Overconfidence allows you to ignore what is necessary expecting to achieve same goals.
  2. You use your brain (logic) when acting with courage. Your heart (emotion) is at work whenever you become overconfident.
  3. You are realistic and concentrate when acting with confidence. You lose focus and exaggerate your are overconfident.
  4. Self-confidence brings you peace, respect and admiration from all. Being overconfident causes you mockery, frustration and loss of loved ones.
  5. Self-confidence conserves your energy. Being overconfident will wear you out, as you will try to do everything.
  6. When you are confident, you are humble to listen to others. It is difficult to accept corrections when you become overconfident.
  7. Self-confidence adds more life to your years. Overconfidence removes more years from your life.

in simple words, overconfidence is dangerous.

Why You Need To Be Courageous To Succeed?

Leaders don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen. Courage brings out the leader in you, increasing your self-confidence.

Then you can influence others and lead them to achieve a common goal.

When you are courageous, you become confident in yourself to take risks. You are brave to face your fears.

Here are changes you will notice when you build up your self-confident through the power of courage

  • You will no longer see challenges as troubles, but a means to reach your goals.
  • You will approach difficulties with a winning mindset.
  • You will start accepting failures as a great resource in the journey to greatness.
  • You will produce better results doing less in a quick time compared to previous times.
  • You will stay committed and faithful to your dreams.

How To Build Up Your Self-Confidence

How much courage you exercise plays a huge role in how confident you will be. While some believe that self-confidence is hereditary, I am of the opinion it’s like any other skill you can learn.

Though, the best time to build up your self-confidence was when you were a child. A time you are more open and quick to learn anything from parents, teachers, leaders, and more.

While I was growing up, I had low self-confidence.

I remembered then if I want to ask a question in class, I will tell my sit mate to ask the teacher.

And when a teacher asked me a question, I will plead to answer it in a book and submit.

It was not as if I was not brilliant. I was not confident to express what I already know. I was always hiding under the shadow of I Am Shy.

If you are a parent, it’s your duty to bring out the best in your child(ren) by engaging and encouraging them to be their best.

So the first step is…


  • Know and Believe Yourself

“If every man will perfect his strength, there will be no need to preach self-confidence.” – Oluboba Ayodeji

Having an excellent knowledge of yourself is the very first thing you must have to build up your confidence. It precedes all.

You must know your Dos and Don’ts, Likes and Dislikes, etc.

No amount of courage will save a fish placed on a desert.

Knowing yourself will help you perfect your strength while correcting your weakness.

Have a knowledge of your present self and who you want to be. It will help you achieve your goals faster and better than if you don’t.

Every successful leader you know had first identified what he is capable of. And so, he or she chooses his fight wisely.

Why is this important?

We have a brief life on earth. You don’t want to spend a vast amount of your life (self-confidence) on the wrong thing.

Remember, you are not building up your self-confidence only for the sake of having it. The goal is to use it as an accelerator to fulfilling your dream. Don’t forget that.

Please know yourself. Those who don’t end up miserable.

“That you can do anything does not mean you should do everything. Choose your fight.” Oluboba Ayodeji.


  • Know and Master Your Craft

“Success doesn’t need you doing anything new. You only have to make new what you have been doing.” – Oluboba Ayodeji

Repetition is the mother of perfection.

The more you do, the more you know. The more you know, the more you deliver. And the more you deliver, you more you become self-confident.

I am yet to see any greater than this.

For example…

I do well with numbers (also influenced by my study of Mathematics). So expect me to be good at analysis and business than in the medical field.

It’s natural (nothing to fake).

Whatever I am confident at today relies on the facts I have done it before. And if I have done it before, I can do it again (even better).

Ever heard of entrepreneurs who fell and rose again? Their confidence lies in the mastery of their business.

As a web designer, I found it easy to duplicate an existing site than to create a new one. It easier to innovate than invent.

For this reason, I duplicate (practice) a lot.

If you see me deliver an impressive speech, I have delivered same speech repeatedly in my secret place.

What you saw and was clapping for is a duplicate of my practice.

While in school, one of my favourite reading techniques is to answer past questions. If the time on the past question papers is 2 hours.

I will set up an exam-like environment and aim to answer all (not some) questions in 1 hour 30 minutes.

When I do this repeatedly for 3 consecutive past questions, every fear is dead and courage alive. Then I become self-confidence in my ability to pass.

It is my advice to you to create the first work while you are alone. Then, you duplicate when the time requires you to deliver.

“Your preparation for tomorrow start yesterday then today.” – Oluboba Ayodeji

Dedicate your time, energy, and resources to your craft to build up your self-confidence.

And in all your courage building… Stay Focused.


  • Know and Understand Your Audience

“If you don’t know, ask them. And when you have known, they will ask you” – Oluboba Ayodeji.

If I know in depth what you need, it’s easy to meet you at the point of that need.

When you listen to a speaker, what touches you the most? It’s the part that resonates with your needs.

Your self-confidence will build up when you know you solve people’s problem. And this is only possible if you know them better.

Aside from the fact that a doctor knows his craft, he understands his patients. So, you can expect him to be courageous as regards health.

Imagine you overhead your lecturer reciting your forthcoming exam questions to his colleagues.

How will you prepare for that exam? How will you go into the exam hall? With a full confidence?

Let me tell you a story.

In my last year, a new lecturer was to take us two courses.

I knew nothing about what he wants from students, and so I had no enthusiasm to prepare for his paper. All I did then was to cram.

When the results were out, I had 45/100 in both papers. In fact, I felt he helped me (a way of saying thank you for your effort as course rep). Thank you, my prof.

Second semester, I took my time to understand his style of marking and expectations. So I became confident while reading and writing his papers.

Guess what? I had B and C. Wink!

Knowing what your audience (parents, boss, friends, or children) wants is one of the surest way to act with courage when dealing with them.

Questions on Self Confidence:

  • How do you build up your self-confidence?

  1. Know and believe in yourself.
  2. Know and master your craft.
  3. Know and understand your audience.
  • Can you fake self-confidence?

While it may be true, that people fake it, I don’t encourage you do so. What you fake today will someday catch up with you.

The same time you use in faking, you can use in being. Okay! Don’t fake till you make it, be it till you make it.


  • Where does self-confidence come from?

To be sincere, I do not understand what you mean by this question.

But if it’s what am thinking, your self-confidence starts from the inner you and not outer.

You build from the inside out. And it comes from a knowledge of yourself, works, and the people you serve.


  • Would you recommend I read self-confidence books?

Yes, go ahead. Books are God’s gift to us. Brian Tracy did splendid work.

But please pay more focus to doing than reading.

Self-confidence quotes can sometimes trigger you to take action. Remember them.

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