9 Virtual Dollar Cards That Help You Pay Online In 2023

My need for the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria started when I needed to make online payments on AliExpress.

Before this day, I had ordered many phone accessories using my Naira card until I hit the limit.

This made me go in search of alternatives.

And that was how I discover the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria for online payment.

Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

1. Alat Virtual Dollar Card

One of the best virtual dollar cards issued by a Nigeria Bank

ALAT is the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria. It prides itself as the first fully digitalized bank in Nigeria.

I was one of the first users who registered then and invited others to do the same.

Their affiliate marketing program was helpful in sustaining my little expenses as an undergraduate.

5 years after, when I reactivated my account, I discovered they now offer both virtual naira and dollar cards on their mobile app.

I request for the naira virtual card paying a onetime N500. Got it in an instant.

To get the virtual dollar card, you must first open a domiciliary account either through the app or at the bank, receive international payment, and fund the card from it.

2. Grey Virtual Dollar Card

One of the most reliable virtual dollar cards you in Nigeria

If you need a card on for international online payment that wouldn’t give your stress, then choose Grey card.

With this card, you can make payment and shop online anywhere in the world.

And the pleasant part is that you can create this card all from your home using your mobile phone.

Sign up with this code JYB37B and verify your identity, then request your card.

It is that easy.

3. EverSend Dollar Card

Eversend is a good definition of your money in your hand.

With the app, you can send and receive money from friends and family at affordable rates – almost zero fee.

Also, you can exchange many currencies at current exchange rates or even decide to hold.

So, we can say, it is one of the best virtual debit dollar cards in Nigeria.

While other financial institution charges as much as 10% fee, Eversend saves you almost 80% of that cost.

Below are some popular website you can use EverSend card:

  • Amazon and Alibaba
  • Google, Facebook and Bing Ads
  • GoDaddy and Namecheap
Note: On the 18th of January, I received an email that they no longer support EUR and GBP accounts. Technically the virtual cards for these currency will also not work from Nigeria except that of dollar.

4. Fundall Card

The best among VISA virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

Fundall introduces her virtual card to solve the challenges individuals and businesses in Nigeria face when making international transactions.

Their service promises to remove issues like trapped funds, lost transactions, and incomplete payment.

How To Get Fundall Card

  • Download and sign up on the Fundall App.
  • Select ‘Add new card’ and choose the ‘Virtual US Dollar Card’ option.
  • Customise your card and fund your card with an amount as low as $5

5. Wallets Africa Card

Another awesome card to spend without paying much fees

Wallets Africa is a world class financial company built in Africa by Africans.

They are on a mission to blur borders in Africa.

With Wallets Africa’s USD Visa Cards, you enjoy the lowest transfers, cashback and virtual accounts.

  • Earn 1.5% as you pay bills and 5% when you buy airtime. Also, you don’t pay for maintenance fees.
  • Create multiple account numbers from different banks of your choice to receive money.

6. Bitsika Virtual Card

A social payment app that allows transactions with virtual cards.

We can liken Bitsika to a social media app, but not fully one.

They allow you to send and receive money in Cameroon, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin and Nigeria currency. 

Also, you can buy anything online using their VISA virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.

While their cards are free, my concern is their 8% charge on each US and UK cards transactions. Find out yourself.

  • Download the App and sign up.
  • At the lower section of your app screen, click on cards and click create new cards.
  • Enter your name and deposit at least $5 with your bank card.

7. Mintyn Gift Card

Their cards were so borderless that you buy with ease in dollars and pounds.

But of a sudden, they hit us with the news they no longer support virtual cards.

While that may be painful, they provided an alternative. And that is, The Mintyn Gift Card.

With this card, you can shop in dollars in major stores.

Go to Merchant (Amazon, eBay, Nike, Google pay and others) website & select pay with Gift card

Enter the Gift card code and complete your payment.

8. Nigeria USD Bank Cards

These are dollar cards issued by your bank.

Do you know with your bank, you can buy things online with no limitation?

All you need is a domiciliary account. I received mine this month.

A Dom account is an account type that operates in foreign currency either savings or current.

Even if you are getting any other virtual dollar cards in Nigeria listed above, try to open a Dom account with your bank.

It is as simple as you opening a normal saving account. All you need is your ID card and two references from any current account holders.

Afterwards, you can request for your USD card for that account.

So, walk up to any bank (preferably your current back) and inquirie on their requirements.

9. Kuda Card

One of the best naira virtual cards in Nigeria.

I added this incase you need a naira virtual card in place you don’t want to use your actual ATM card.

Kuda (aka Kuda bank) is a UK based digital only bank. They started operation in Nigeria in 2017.

You can use a Kuda’s virtual Visa Card to pay everywhere naira Visa they accept cards online.

I call them the bank of the free. They believe you don’t have to pay for maintenance fee anymore.

Also, they deliver a free debit card to your address for free.

How To Get Kuda Virtual Naira Card

  • Open Kuda app and tap card on the menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap Request A Card and also Get A Virtual Card.
  • Confirm with your transaction PIN, fingerprint or Face ID and confirm.

Conclusion on Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria

Sign up with the provider of your choice and start using. But before you input your debit card, confirm their current fees.

I can say with any of this dollar virtual cards, you can run a successful online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria.

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