What are the risks if everyone is not vaccinated against COVID-19?

In countries where no significant proportion of the population is vaccinated, there is a huge risk of sustained community spread of COVID-19 over a prolonged period.
The longer the period of sustained community spread, the more likely that the virus will mutate. And this means it could be a breeding ground for the new coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 – to mutate into more aggressive variants. The mutated variants from the unvaccinated population will be able to infect even those in the vaccinated population.
Vaccines may not work against mutated variants because of changes that happen in the genetic code of the virus.
A vaccine is meant to create an immune response through antibodies which are designed to recognise the virus’ protein structure which has been altered. Think of it like an enemy altering their military uniform, becoming less recognisable to the opposing army.
They can also evade immunity induced by previous infection for similar reasons…

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