Who is sabotaging Nigeria?

By Sunny Ikhioya

YOU claimed during the 2015 election campaign that you do not understand why we are talking about fuel subsidy; today you have been in government for over six years and subsidy cost has escalated under your regime. Who is sabotaging Nigeria?

We are an oil producing nation and attend meetings regularly and even got allocated executive seats at the OPEC sessions; yet we import all of our petroleum products from abroad. Who is sabotaging who?

We are an oil producing nation with four standard refineries, three in the South and one in the North, all of them not working presently and millions of dollars spent annually on their maintenance. Who is sabotaging Nigeria? The technology of refining crude oil into petrol and diesel is no longer rocket science.

The locals in the Niger Delta have mastered the art of cooking oil to produce petrol, kerosene and diesel. But instead of streamlining these local productions and…


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